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White Industries T47 external bottom bracket

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  • T47 bottom brackets

    Our T47 bottom brackets are made for multiple configurations. Not only is it compatible with 22/24mm, 24mm, 29mm, and 30mm spindles but also 68/86mm and 73/92mm bottom bracket shell widths. All of our bottom bracket cups are made with 6061 aluminum with angular contact stainless bearings.*

    *29mm/DUB bottom brackets use radial ball bearings

    Crank Compatibility:
    • 30mm spindle internal or external
    • 29mm spindle internal or external
    • 24mm spindle internal or external
    • 22/24mm GXP spindle internal or external

    Bottom Bracket shell width compatibility
    • 68mm
    • 73mm
    • 86mm
    • 92mm

    Torque Spec:
    • 40 NM - 54 NM (30-40 ft lbs)

    • 6806-2rs (30mm)
    • 6806/29-2rs (29mm DUB)
    • 2427-2rs (24mm)
    • 2237-2rs (22mm)


    Stainless Steel Bearings:

    • GXP : 110g
    • 24mm Shimano: 99g
    • 29mm DUB: 86g
    • 30mm: 79g

    • GXP: 120g
    • 24mm Shimano: 105g
    • 29mm DUB: 99g
    • 30mm: 91g

    Ceramic Bearings:

    • GXP: 105g
    • 24mm Shimano: 94g
    • 29mm DUB: 86g
    • 30mm: 74g

    • GXP: 115g
    • 24mm Shimano: 100g
    • 29mm DUB: 94g
    • 30mm: 86g

    Finish: Black
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