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Sigma Sport ROX 11.1 EVO GPS computer

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  • The ROX 11.1 EVO GPS bike computer is your perfect training partner for indoor and outdoor bike training. Its numerous functions support and guide bikers reliably so that they can have even greater enjoyment of the freedom and delight bicycling provides. The 55-g bike computer wins over customers with its compact, modern design and simple, user-friendly operation. The five large buttons are easily accessible, so the bike computer is extremely easy to use even when you're wearing gloves. Navigation information and ride data can be read very easily on the 1.77-inch transmissive colour display thanks to its outstanding contrast. Use the free SIGMA RIDE app to track your current ride data and analyse them at any time.

    The bike computer's 150 functions support and guide athletes during training and leisure. The ROX 11.1 EVO delivers all data reliably and in real time. The scope of function includes speed and distance tracking with GPS, barometric altitude measurement and navigation with Track or komoot, and compatibility with e-bikes and smart trainers. The integrated Crash Alert feature uses an app to inform your emergency contacts if you fall off your bike. Smart notifications inform the rider of incoming calls and messages during the ride.

    Four of up to 20 possible sport profiles are already pre-installed on the ROX 11.1 EVO. Bikers can also create their own sport profile and use the ROX 11.1 on different bikes. Six different training views with one to six data fields can be highlighted in colour with the SIGMA RIDE app, with a configuration tailored entirely individually. Screens for komoot workout, track, and navigation are also installed. An additional data page can be called up for connected FE-C smart trainers. The individual data fields can be highlighted in up to eight different colours, allowing a better overview and quicker readability for the individual ride data.

    How long, how fast, how high? Up to 100 hours of riding time can be stored on the ROX 11.1 EVO. Ride data can thus be called up quickly at any time on the ROX 11.1 EVO, the SIGMA RIDE app or, after training, on your PC or MAC in the SIGMA DATA CENTER. This provides a perfect overview of training values and progress. The SIGMA RIDE app's sharing options enable athletes to let friends and teammates know about their successes.

    Navigation information and ride data can be read very easily on the 1.77-inch transmissive colour display thanks to its outstanding contrast. The display is continuously lit and adjusts automatically to various lighting conditions thanks to its ambient light sensor. As needed, the display can be set to ten different brightness levels. The data fields in the training view can be given customised settings and highlighted in colour. Combined with the high-contrast display and the large digits, this ensures excellent legibility.

    The ROX 11.1 EVO stands out with its simple, intuitive operation. The five large buttons are easily accessible, so the bike computer is extremely easy to use even when you're wearing gloves. Bikers can quickly find their way around with the simple menu navigation. When it is started up, the device goes straight to training mode, and tour can start right away. A separate menu button allows fast access to settings and functions such as workout and track navigation. The ROX 11.1 EVO emits an acoustic signal when your smart phone receives a message or a call or the rider needs to turn.

    Athletes can navigate simply with Track on the ROX 11.1 EVO or with the komoot app. Tours can be created in the SIGMA DATA CENTER or with a third-party provider and uploaded to the device. If desired, the ROX can be connected to the komoot app on your smart phone. The tour is then started in the app, and the smart phone can remain in your pocket. The navigation instructions are displayed on the ROX 11.1 EVO. During the ride, waypoints can be set to mark important locations. At the end of your tour, the ROX 11.1 EVO will even take you back to the tour's staring point if you wish.

    The ROX 11.1 EVO is a real pro during indoor training as well. The bike computer can be easily be connected to the smart trainer or the stationary bicycle. This lets you use the full scope of the numerous training computer features.

    The ROX 11.1 EVO is e-bike-ready and can be easily connected to many e-bikes. The bike computer establishes a connection to the compatible e-bike system and shows you specific values such as range, battery charge, and support level.

    Ride data can be recorded with the bike computer and read from the LIVE screen in the SIGMA RIDE app. Heat maps of ride data in various coloured fields provide a faster overview of your performance and make it easy to detect outlying values.

    The Crash Alert built into the ROX 11.1 EVO automatically detects a fall and gives the rider 30 seconds to confirm that everything is OK. If there is no confirmation, the SIGMA RIDE app automatically sends an SMS to previously selected emergency contacts and gives them the relevant GPS data.

    Smart notifications connect the smart phone to the ROX 11.1 EVO even during a ride. Notifications of incoming calls, messages, and e-mails appear automatically on the display. Short messages can even be read directly on the ROX 11.1 EVO. If desired, sounds and smart notifications can, of course, be switched off.

    Default delivery for the ROX 11.1 EVO is with the GPS handlebar bracket. This disc can be mounted to the handlebars or stem with cable ties, and the ROX 11.1 EVO can be twisted into it and fixed in place with a single click.

    The Short Butler has been developed specifically for the ROX 11.1 EVO. It positions the ROX 11.1 EVO closer to the handlebars and in a more streamlined position. It can be mounted on handlebars with diameters from 25.4 to 31.8 mm in a few easy steps. Special 3D rubber pads allow the bike computer to be straightened out even on curved handlebars.

    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 46.8 x 66.1 x 20.8 mm
    • Weight: 55 g
    • Standard version in "black" and "white"
    • Full text display with eight languages
    • Waterproof in accordance with IP67
    • 1.77-inch transmissive colour display (128x160 px)
    • Backlight
    • Battery time up to 18 hours
    • BLE and ANT+ connectivity
    • Smart notifications
    • Sensors: speed, cadence, heart rate, power meter, electronic shifting, smart trainer (FE-C)
    • E-bike-ready
    • Sensors: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, barometric altitude measurement, ambient light sensor, acceleration sensor
    • 20 individually adjustable sport profiles
    • Six individually adjustable training views
    • Eight colours to highlight the training values
    • Workouts
    • Crash Alert
    • Alarms (food, drinks, individual)
    • Target zone training
    • 100-hour log memory
    • .fit file format
    • Speed functions
    • Kilometre functions
    • Time functions
    • Altitude measurement functions
    • Cadence functions
    • Heart rate functions
    • Power functions
    • E-bike functions
    • Indoor trainer functions
    • Lap functions (automatic and manual)
    • Navigation functions (Track and komoot)
    • Other functions: temperature, calories, weather trends
    • Sigma Performance Index
    • Scope of delivery: Bike computer, GPS mount, USB-C cable, attachment material, quick-start instructions
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    • Bike computer, GPS mount, USB-C cable, attachment material, quick-start instructions
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