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Schmolke carbon screw allen

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This item is crafted in Germany
  • The dynamic strength of carbon fibres is far superior to all other screw materials. They are stronger and 40% lighter than aluminium screws. The screws are tightened with a Torx 20 wrench (some with an additional 7mm hexagon head).

    The screws can be used in the following areas of application (basically everywhere where aluminium screws offer sufficient strength):
    • Bottle holder: M5x20 screws with a normal head are usually required here. For some bottle holders, such as the BTP or Tune models, you need the M5x20 countersunk screw. You can also close unused bottle holder eyelets with the screws. Here you can shorten the M5x20 screw with normal head to 7mm thread length.
    • Headset adjustment screw in the Ahead cap: Usually you need a M6 screw with normal head. This can often be shortened to save further weight. However, it should grasp over the entire thread length in the claw. With some Ahead caps you need the M6x16 countersunk screw.
    • Brake and shift lever on the MTB: Can be fastened without hesitation with carbon screws. Usually M5x20 screws are used. Please make sure which screws you need before you buy. If necessary the screws must be shortened according to the original screws.
    • Rear V-brakes: For this the M6x30 screw must be shortened according to the screws of your brake. You should always use a washer to secure the function of the brake. The front brake or even disc brakes should not be fastened with carbon screws. Failure could cause a fall.
    • Road brakes: On road brakes you can use the screws to fix the brake pads to the brake body. Here the M5x20 screw must be shortened according to the original screw. Please always make sure that the screw head has sufficient contact surface. In case of doubt you should compensate this with washers.
    • Adjusting screw for bearing play on THM Clavicula cranks: On your Clavicula crank you can use the M6x16 countersunk head screw to adjust the bearing play.
    • Front derailleur: Depending on the model, you can use up to three of the carbon screws on the front derailleur. On all common models you can use the M4 screw to close the cage. On all road front derailleurs you can use our M5x20 screw to fix the cage to the frame. All carbon screws on the front derailleur should be shortened according to the original screws.
    • Rear derailleur: You can use many of the carbon screws on all rear derailleurs: For fixing the rear derailleurs, as stop screws, as adjusting screw. Due to the variety of available rear derailleurs, please measure the original screws. All screws should be shortened according to the original screws, but the stop screws should not be shortened!

    Product details
    • M4x16 countersunk head: 0.8Nm 0.5g
    • M5x40 Countersunk head: 1.0Nm 1.0g
    • M5x40: 1.0Nm 1.2g
    • M6x16: 1.0Nm 1.6g
    • M6x30: 1.0Nm 1.6g
    • M6x40: 1.0Nm 1.6g
    • M6x30: 1.0Nm 1.9g

    These screws are not suitable for:
    • Handlebar
    • stem
    • saddle
    • seat post
    • Brake disc mounting
    • As tension clamping screws for the brake cables (the cable wears the underside of the head when repeatedly tightened)
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    • 1x Schmolke carbon screw allen
  • Show all items from SchmolkeSchmolke Carbon is a German manufacturer of high-end carbon fiber components for bicycles. They specialize in producing lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic components that are designed to meet the demands of competitive cyclists. Their product line includes handlebars, seatposts, stem, and forks that are made from high-quality carbon fiber materials.

    Schmolke Carbon prides itself on its attention to detail, using advanced manufacturing processes and rigorous testing protocols to ensure that every component they produce meets their exacting standards. The company has a reputation for producing some of the lightest and strongest components on the market, making them a popular choice among professional cyclists and serious hobbyists alike. Despite the premium price tag, customers have reported that Schmolke Carbon components are well worth the investment, offering exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity.
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