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Rixen und Kaul KLICKfix Doggy Basket Plus dog shopper brown 45x52x36cm GTA

106579 / 4055149282608 / 0399KH
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  • Doggy Basket Plus

    Pet basket – for GTA Adapter with hood

    Rack mounted pet basket with many clever features. Its hinged grid top closes without the need for any straps and can be removed altogether. The variable hood can be configured to allow in plenty of air and light, but can also be closed completely for protection from wind, air and rain. With washable cushion, reflector and handle. Available in different mounting options.

    Baskets and topcases with GTA Coupling for upper central slot. Pushed forward to lock in. Press the red button to release. Combinable with GTA panniers.

    • 46cm x 36cm x 52cm
    • Weight: 2000 g
    • Volume: 40 l
    • 10 kg max.
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    Rate this product

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    • 1x Doggy Basket Plus dog shopper
    • Incl. GTA Basket Adapter
    • * Bag is delivered without the dog!
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days