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Ritchey WCS Skyline V2 saddle 277x147mm 7x7mm steel black

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  • WCS Skyline Saddle

    The new WCS Skyline saddle keeps the ergonomic curve that supports sit bones and the generous cut-out to relieve perineal pressure of the original Skyline but updates it with new construction for more durability, better aesthetics and a lighter weight.

    Built with a unique manufacturing technology that adheres the saddle cover to the base without any visible seams, glue, stitching or staples, the new WCS Skyline is now waterproof, will last longer and keeps the weight to a minimum. The saddle padding is made from a new lightweight polyurethane material that is 30% more shock absorbent than traditional foam, which reduces rider fatigue.

    Like the original, the new WCS Skyline features a curved, two-axis shape that bring a rise toward the rear of the saddle and a bit of lift to the nose. This shape is ideal for riders who lack flexibility and want more support, yet still offers a good position for riders who demand a healthy dose of performance with their comfort. Another highlight of the Skyline is Ritchey's revolutionary patented Vector Wing technology, which helps eliminate hots spots by dissipating pressure more evenly for all-day comfort for wherever your pedal strokes take you – road, gravel, trails and beyond.

    • Vector Wing design
    • Curved two-axis shape
    • Seamless cover & shell integration
    • Dimensions: 277x147mm
    • Rails: stainless steel
    • Rail dimensions: 7x7mm
    • Shell: Nylon + carbon fiber
    • Padding: superlight polyurethane foam
    • Cover: premium Ritchey synthetic upper
    • Color: black
    • Weight: 227g
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