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Paul Component disc brake adaptor IS

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  • I.S. & Post Mount Disc Adapters

    IS or Post Mount, we’ve got you covered: 140 through 203mm. Mount screws with thread lock already applied come with all adapters.

    IS mounts are the type with the mounting screws that install horizontally. We make them in +0, +20 and +40. Plus zero are for 160 front and 140 rear rotor sizes. To go bigger just add 20 0r 40mm. So a 180 front rotor will need a +20 and a 200 or 203 will need a +40. (160 plus 40 does not equal 203, but that’s ok).

    The post mount version works the same except the caliper mounts to frame or fork directly through the caliper holes. For 160 front and 140 rear, no adapters are needed. For bigger rotors, you will need the adapters.

    Technical Information
    • Material: Aluminum and Heat Treated Steel
    • Weight
      • +0mm IS: 15g
      • +20mm IS: 16g
      • +40mm IS: 26g
      • +20mm Post Mount: 21g
      • +40mm Post Mount: 21g
    • Finish: Anodized
    • Color: Black or Silver
    • Mount: IS or Post Mount

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    • 1 x disc brake adaptor IS
    • incl. Mount screws
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