MKS Urban Step-in Ezy Superior

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  • You don't need to wear dedicated cycling shoes while prowling on the street.
    Since center of flat side is concaved, it is easy to pedal with clipless shoes even in situation of crowded street.
    Highly-smooth rotation.
    Adjustable spring tension.

    Do not dismantle the cartridge sealed bearings since these items are accurately adjusted maintenance free parts.
    Do not inject lubricant into cartridge sealed bearings because lubrication fluid stimulates grease leakage and shorten bearing life span.
    Dust seal cap also work as bearing adjuster. If you loosen the cap, it may cause over play.

    By MKS original EzySuperior and Ezy system, the pedals are easily & rapidly released without any specific tools.
    It is best suitable for folding bikes or “RINKO” activity: packing and carrying bikes for traveling by train.

    No compatibility between Ezy Superior and Ezy.

    Color: Silver / Black
    Body: Alloy
    Plate: Steel wire(binding)
    Size: W66 x L94
    Step Area: Double sided
    Toe Clip: Non
    Reflector: Non

    Weight of a pair: 461 g
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disponible en 1-3 jours de semaine
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