Garmin Vector 2S Pedal PowerMeter large version (15-18mm thick, 44mm wide)

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37050 / 753759136543 / 010-01455-03 / 2016
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  • For riders with max. 90 kg !

    Power is the most reliable way to gauge cycling performance on any given day, at any given time. Vector 2S is an affordable way for cyclists to receive this valuable data. It works by measuring power directly at the pedal, where force is applied for more reliable, accurate results. As a single-sensing system, it uses the forces detected on the left pedal to approximate total power.

    • Affordable power meter with option to upgrade to dual-sensing system
    • Measures power output at the pedal, where force is applied
    • Reports cadence and total power (watts)
    • Installs in minutes and quickly transfers between bikes
    • Pedal pods include an LED light to display important setup and maintenance information

    Vector System
    • Battery life: 175 hours

    Weight (approximate, per pedal):
    Left pedal
    • Pedal body: 156 g
    • Pedal pod: 23 g
    • Cleat and hardware: 38 g
    • Total: 179 g (not including cleats and hardware)

    Right pedal
    • Pedal body: 164 g
    • Cleat and hardware: 38 g
    • Total: 164 g (not including cleats and hardware)

    Pedal Body and Assembly
    • Lightweight composite body
    • Stainless steel wearplate
    • CNC machined, hardened stainless steel spindle
    • Bushing and sealed cartridge bearings
    • Adjustable tension binding
    • LOOK Kéo-compatible¹

    Pedal Pods
    • ANT+ transmitters
    • User-replaceable battery (2032 coin cell)
    • Minimum of 175 hours of active cycling operation

    • High durability thermoplastic with anti-slip rubber surface pads
    • Rubber button to reduce free float action between shoe and cleat
    • 6 degrees of float (0 degree also available)
    • LOOK Kéo-compatible¹

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    • Left Vector 2S pedal and 1 pedal pod
    • Right non-sensing pedal
    • Cleats and hardware
    • USB ANT+ Stick™
    • Manuals
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EN STOCK (ils n'en restent que 1 en stock)