MKS Lambda Trekking/Touring pedal

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    • Features fore-and-aftly enlarged step & dimple-like grip pattern.
    • Large and grippy double stepped pedal which makes your riding easy and comfortable.
    • Color Silver or Black
    • Body Alloy
    • Plate Alloy/Cast
    • Size W78 x L119
    • Step Area Double sided
    • Bearing CUP & CONE BEARINGS
    • Toe Clip Non
    • Reflector Installed
    • Purpose OFF ROAD/CITY
    • Weight of a pair 420g
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    Rate this product

    2 reviews for MKS Lambda Trekking/Touring pedal with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • Beste Allroundpedale am Markt
      Beste Allroundpedale am Markt

    • Werde jetzt meine weiteren Räder damit ausrüsten ;-)
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