Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline shock 200/50mm 15mm Open End Eye

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  • Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline shock

    • Damping system: Twin Tube
    • Housing material: steel
    • Diameter shaft: 8 mm
    • drilling: 14,7 mm
    • Pressure rating: High-Speed and Low-Speed
    • Rebound: High-Speed and Low-Speed
    • Remote: no


    CS Technology
    CS is the most innovative climbing feature on the market. This proprietary climbing function (patent pending) for the Double Barrel damper modifies the entire low-frequency dynamics of the damper, which is specifically required for the requirements of driving uphill.

    Low Speed Compression
    The low-speed pressure stage reacts to slow shaft speeds. This ensures less rocking when pedalling and reduces, for example, sinking of the rear end in adjoining berths or during jumps. The Double Barrel Air achieves exactly these properties by separating the high and low speed pressure stages and thus prevents a reduction of the spring travel.

    High Speed Compression
    Hard blows with root passages, stones or hard landings are the task of the high-speed pressure stage. The higher the high speed pressure level is set, the greater the puncture protection.

    Low Speed Rebound
    This setting corresponds to the simple rebound setting that is also available for other makes. Here it is difficult to find a compromise between "fast enough for root carpets" and "slow enough for jumps and hard landings".

    High Speed Rebound

    The additionally adjustable high-speed rebound allows a slower extension speed for shocks that would compress the shock too fast and too far.

    The shock is delivered without mounting sockets, you can order them here in the shop.
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    • Shock
    • Adjustment Tool
    • without mounting sockets
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