Manitou Mara rear shock Trunnion Mount

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  • Enduro tech, revised for XC
    Designed for the riders that dabble in everything, the Mara is ready for anything. Our IPA damper features four different positions ranging from an open mode ready to smash rocks to a firm platform mode for those hard climbs and all out double track sprints. Made with 7050 aerospace-grade aluminum the chassis is both lightweight and durable.

    • Weight: 275g
    • Damping: Incremental Platform Adjust
    • Canister Diameter: 40mm
    • External Adjustments: Compression Platform Rebound Air-Pressure
    • Internal User Tuning: Air Volume (Spring Rate), Shim Stack, High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression
    • Finish: Military-Grade Type III, Hard Ano
    • Bushings: Steel/Teflon
    • Eyelet Hardware: 2-pc AL through 37.9mm, 3-pc S.S. at 38mm and wider

    Incremental Platform Adjust (IPA) Damper
    The four position Incremental Platform Adjust (IPA) damper offers a wide range of compression adjustment from an open mode ready to smash through rock gardens to a firm platform setting that offers the support you need while battling those leg burning climbs. It does this by utilizing two separate shim stacks to maintain an ideal balance of low-speed and high-speed compression damping throughout the adjustment range. The first of these is the preload stack which is controlled by the IPA knob. As you turn the knob clockwise you begin to increase the preload on the shims directly without the use of springs or carriers. The lack of springs and carriers minimizes moving mass and maximizes the speed at which the shims are able to respond to trail inputs keeping your rear wheel cool, calm, and collected no matter how choppy the trail is. The second shim stack is a fixed velocity stack that was carefully designed to increase small bump sensitivity and provide the correct amount of high-speed compression to control the wheel with the lowest amount of harshness. This provides the rider with more chassis control, better small bump sensitivity with excellent bottoming control, less deflection through the rock gardens and phenomenal ride quality in all conditions.

    The rebound on this shock is similarly controlled through two separate circuits. The first of which is a tapered needle that provides the ability to tune the rebound damping to account for rider weight, leverage ratio, and air spring settings. Adjustment of this needle through the knob affects the entire damping range but most noticeably controls the low-speed rebound. The second circuit is a fixed shim stack carefully optimized to preserve the correct high-speed rebound as the needle is adjusted up or down. This provides the rider more control, better traction and steering precision while minimizing the need to adjust for changing trail conditions.
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    Rate this product

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    • Manitou Mara inline
      This shock is amazing,so much better than the Rockshox deluxe it?s replaced,it?s so plush and the four positions of the compression circuit work so well.
         Guy Mitchell   
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