Campagnolo Super Record WRL batteries rear derailleur und front derailleur

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140684 / 8053340459467 / PU23-SR12FDRD / 2023
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    Even a component like the batteries have been developed with user-centered design in mind. SUPER RECORD WIRELESS batteries are easy to install, designed to immediately indicate the state of charge and allow uncomplicated use of the bike. They allow an autonomy of over 750 km. Charging times are very short, because in just 60 minutes 100% of the capacity is charged, and it takes only about ten minutes to charge more than a fifth if necessary. The battery charge level can also be easily checked via the intuitive and immediately clear dashboard of the MyCampy 3.0 app.

    • Removable battery: the rear derailleur and front derailleur batteries can be easily removed from their respective components
    • Easy charging: easy to charge thanks to magnetic quick release ports
    • Speed of charging: The batteries reach 100% of their autonomy in just 60 minutes after charging
    • Increased autonomy: up to 1000 km can be covered with a full charge
    • LED lights: The batteries are equipped with 4 LED lights that are visible in all conditions and indicate the state of charge of the batteries


    The SUPER RECORD WIRELESS meets the international waterproofness standards of the highest level IP69K. This means that the system can protect its electronic components from dust and liquid ingress. To achieve the strict IP69K classification, all the system's electronic components have been subjected to a series of tests that have proven their proper functioning after being exposed to a pressurized water jet at each of the 4 angles (0° - 30° - 60° - 90°) for a total of 2 minutes.

    The SUPER RECEORD WIRELESS group was designed with the cyclist at the center of the project. The user centric philosophy is expressed in clear and immediate concepts: a functional and practical design to create a product with which the interaction between man and machine is simple and direct. Whether for installation, maintenance or daily use, every form and function of the SUPER RECORD WIRELESS group has been designed to provide maximum ease of use. These concepts are also expressed in the innovative design of the MYCAMPY 3.0 app, which allows instant monitoring of the status of all components thanks to the revolutionary aviation-derived synoptic dashboard.
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    • 1x battery for front derailleur
    • 1x battery for rear derailleur
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