Campagnolo Super Record WRL 12-speed Ergopower filled

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    The ergonomics of the shifter are even more efficient and effective, thanks to a new shape of the grip body that allows a comfortable and firm grip when the grip is high. The brake lever has been redesigned to make it easier to reach when the grip is low, while maintaining Campagnolo's style and design. The position of the brake lever can also be adjusted so that it can be reached perfectly according to the needs of the rider, adapting to all handlebar types and hand sizes. The absence of wires and cables facilitates installation, and the battery has an incredibly long life thanks to a sophisticated firmware that controls all the electronics of the component. The new Super Record wireless shifters can be used for up to 2 years without having to replace the battery. The ability to turn off the shifter is also provided by a hidden but easily accessible button inside the grip body. The LED inside the grip body is then the visual point of contact to signal when the battery is low, and the charge level can be checked via the MyCampy 3.0 app. The shift buttons are located on the brake lever for easy access for all cyclists when pedaling with both high and low grip. The shift knobs have a perfect balance between actuation force and tactile feedback, so that the force application can be perceived They can also be customized via the MyCampy 3.0 app by linking them to the rear derailleur and front derailleur entirely to your liking. The Super Record calipers provide powerful and modular braking in any situation thanks to the 22 millimeter diameter pistons. The return of the brake pads is now optimized so that there is no friction when the brake lever is released. A special metal plate between the pad and caliper piston dampens vibrations during braking. The various Campagnolo calipers are designed to be mounted in combination with the disc chosen by the user, always ensuring a high level of performance: in fact, it is possible to choose the caliper with a disc with 140mm (only for riders weighing a maximum of 82 kg) or a disc with 160mm diameter. Particular attention has also been paid to facilitating maintenance and assembly operations: the brake pads are equipped with a wear indicator and their replacement is facilitated by the absence of return springs. In addition, work has been done on the entry of the disc into the caliper to make wheel replacement easier and faster.

    Features shift grips:
    • Maximum ergonomics: the ergonomics of the gearshift is even more efficient and effective, thanks to a new shape of the body of the grip, which allows a comfortable and firm grip when the grip is high.
    • Easy installation: the absence of wires and cables makes installation simple
    • Weight: 745 g / pair

    Features Brakes:
    • Standard Flat Mount: Full compatibility with flat mount frames.
    • 22 mm phenolic pistons: Strong braking performance and thermal insulation
    • Piston/Caliper Connection: Piston return action is now optimized for quick return of pads to position, ensuring 0.4-0.8mm total clearance between pad and disc with no risk of accidental contact
    • Compatible spare parts: Brake pads, cylinders, screws and bolts are identical for all calipers
    • For greater ease of maintenance, the optimized spare parts are fully compatible, which is why smaller stocks are needed
    • Wear indicator: You can tell at a glance that the brake pads need to be replaced
    • Rounded brake pads: For easier brake disc installation and faster wheel changes
    • Vibration damping plate: Optimal and low-vibration braking
    • Two mounting screws: Quick installation and maintenance
    • Weight: 118 g (140 mm, 1 pc incl. brake pads)
    • Length: Rear screws available in six lengths
    • Combinations: 160mm front 160mm rear 140mm rear


    The new shifter body precisely reproduces the asymmetry of the human hand. The new shapes increase the contact area with the palm of the hand and allow different support positions that guarantee maximum safety in all riding positions. The position of the gearshifts has been improved to facilitate downshifting during a final sprint or a sudden sprint.

    Thanks to the new shape of the contoured grip body and the possibility of a reach adjustment, all cyclists can use these brake shifters regardless of hand and finger size. Thanks to the technologies developed, Campagnolo is able to guarantee a brake lever travel of 15mm, which ensures that the lever can be reached by as many cyclists as possible.

    The SUPER RECORD WIRELESS meets the international waterproof standards of the highest level IP69K. This means that the system can protect its electronic components from dust and liquid ingress. To achieve the strict IP69K classification, all the system's electronic components have been subjected to a series of tests that have proven their proper functioning after being exposed to a pressurized water jet at each of the 4 angles (0° - 30° - 60° - 90°) for a total of 2 minutes.

    The SUPER RECEORD WIRELESS group was designed with the cyclist at the center of the project. The user centric philosophy is expressed in clear and immediate concepts: a functional and practical design to create a product with which the interaction between man and machine is simple and direct. Whether for installation, maintenance or daily use, every form and function of the SUPER RECORD WIRELESS group has been designed to provide maximum ease of use. These concepts are also expressed in the innovative design of the MYCAMPY 3.0 app, which allows instant monitoring of the status of all components thanks to the revolutionary aviation-derived synoptic dashboard.
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    • 1x brake lever
    • 1x Brake caliper
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