SON Edelux II 60cm fitted cable

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Ce produit est manufacturé à la main en Allemagne
  • LED Headlights Edelux II

    The Edelux II outshines his elder brother Edelux - with the latest LED technology and Busch and Muller's new IQ-Tec Premium mirror design: The Edelux II light field is twice as wide and focuses at distances even better than the Edelux did. The near field of the Edelux II begins close to your front wheel and illuminates the road evenly. While the original Edelux was a high-end headlight designed for fast riders, Edelux II allows riding blind curves or going slow on bad roads due to the enormous width of the light beam and its near field distribution.

    • Technical Data
    • Light Source: 2.4/ 3 Watt high-performance LED (
    • German Mark of Conformity: ~~~ K 607
    • Feed Cable: Coaxial cable, PVC-free, Ø 3 mm 60cm and 36 cm, connectors fitted for SON alternatively 140cm with loose connectors
    • Connection for Rear Light: Spade connector 2.8 mm and eyelet terminal (enclosed)
    • Switch: Switching ring with magnet, reed-contact
    • Functions: Automatic light sensor and capacitor-standlight
    • Seal: Two o-rings, electronics fully encapsulated
    • Housing: Aluminium 6082 T6
    • Weight: 85 g
    • Guarantee: 5 years
    • Colours: anodized (silver, black, red, blue)
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    Rate this product

    1 reviews for SON Edelux II 60cm fitted cable with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • Excellent product!
      This is as beautiful as it is useful. I purchased the Edelux II after a lot of research and found this to be very efficient associated with a SON Delux. 2 years of flawless usage. Very satisfied of my purchase.
         carl morin   
    • 1 x SON Edelux II light
    • 1 x Light mount Edelux (75520)
    • 1 x Front-reflector (75760)
    • 60cm Cable, connecttors included
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