Sigma Sport BC 23.16 STS wireless

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  • BC 23.16 STS

    The Super-logger

    The BC 23.16 STS is the sportiest TOPLINE 2016 model. In addition to bicycle altitude and heart rate functions, it also displays the cadence. All sensors are included in the delivery scope. Its highlight is a huge log capacity of up to 500 hours. From the stored data logging, one record can be selected using the DATA CENTER, which is used as virtual opponents for a Ghost Race.

    Thanks to NFC technology, the BC 23.16 STS can communicate with Android smartphones, over the SIGMA LINK app (free).

    Numerous functions,
    easy operation

    The BC 23.16 STS scores not only with its many functions but also with the ease of use. Whether Bike functions, Alti, heights functions or Laps, for each training area there is a dedicated button that quickly gives an overview.

    Bike functions
    • Current speed
    • Average speed
    • Driving time
    • Ghost Race
    • Calories (RF based)
    • Maximum speed
    • Comp. current speed to Average speed

    Heart rate functions

    • Average heart rate
    • Total calories
    • Graphic Training Zone with HR in %
    • Graphical representation of intensity zones
    • Heart rate
    • Heart rate profile
    • Max. heart rate

    Lap functions

    • Lap analysis
    • Lap count, up to 50 rounds


    • 2 wheel sizes
    • Automatic bike recognition bike 1 / bike 2
    • Automatic start / stop
    • Automatic pairing
    • Back-up function by memory chip (total and setting values)
    • Battery Warning for the Computer
    • Battery warning for the sensors
    • Data communication via docking station TOPLINE 2016
    • Connection up to 90cm range
    • Power saving mode
    • Saved Activities available
    • Backlight
    • Communication with smartphone (Android) via NFC
    • My name function
    • My Screen Function
    • Adjustable wheel size tire type
    • Service interval adjustable via UFSB
    • Languages available: 7
    • Start height adjustable
    • Training statistics for 12 months
    • Training areas selectable
    • Zone Alarm switched on / off
    • Zoom function for display


    • Total travel time
    • Total altitude downhill
    • Overall Altitude gain
    • Total distance downhill
    • Total distance uphill
    • Total distance for both bikes

    PC interface

    • Adjustable save interval
    • Warning when remaining memory under 3 hours


    • Time (12/24)

    Cadence functions

    • Current cadence
    • Average cadence
    • Maximum cadence

    Performance functions

    • Current output (calculated)
    • Average power

    Temperature functions

    • Current temperature

    Altimeter functions

    • Current level
    • Current inclination / declination
    • Height profile

    Uphill Functions

    • Altitude gain
    • Maximum height
    • Distance uphill

    Downhill Functions

    Altitude loss
    track down
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    • BC 23.16 STS
    • STS holder 2450
    • STS cadence sensor kit
    • Power Magnet
    • STS speed sensor
    • 2 O-rings (Ø 35mm, 45mm)
    • STS Heartrate sensor R1 STS COMFORTEX+
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