KMC X9-93 9 vitesses

3214 / 4715575890562 / BXX99316
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  • 1/2" x 11/128" Super Narrow
    Pin Length: 6.6 mm
    Pin Power: Min. 200 kgf.
    Bushing Power: Nil.
    Tensile Strength: 1050 kgf.
    Color: Silver / Dark Silver
    Compatibility: 9-speed cassette sprockets
    X-Bridge side plate configuration
    Mushroomed Pin - Higher pin power
    XSP (Extra StretchProof) - Longer chain life
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    Rate this product

    1 review for KMC X9-93 9 vitesses with an rating of 4/5 point.

    • Smooth
      Not as stiff as & some other chains like Connex, but smoother on the shift. Excellent chain.
         Heda B   
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