Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra Disc 2-Way Fit wheelset

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    Hyperon Ultra is the new Campagnolo wheel designed for the most refined and demanding cyclists. A wheel that embodies the true product perfection that stems from unparalleled Campagnolo experience.

    To create this jewel, we have combined the knowledge of our engineers and the most expert testers, together with feedback from pro cyclists. The result is a new wheelset for racing bikes with the magic ratio of features: lightweight construction, unmatched reactivity and superior handling.

    We have taken H.U.L.C. molding technology and C-LUX finish to the next level to make Hyperon Ultras easy on the eye and light on the scales.

    With the aim of enhancing cyclists’ riding experience and performance, we have achieved unmatched reactivity with the new Head-2-Bay system, created to ensure high precision head-to-bay coupling, to which we have fitted super-smooth CULT bearings and a new lighter N3W freewheel body.

    For superior handling, we relied on historic Campagnolo knowhow and also applied the famous Aero-MoMag technology to the Hyperon Ultra wheels, ensuring benefits in terms of aerodynamics and even better looks. The rims feature the tried and tested 2-Way Fit technology with no holes on the upper bridge. Their special single-joint construction guarantees and further increases wheelset stiffness.

    With an inner width of 21mm and rim profile of 37mm, Hyperon Ultra is a wheel that adapts to the needs of even the most demanding cyclist while enhancing the looks of any bike.

    HYPERON ULTRA DB: The magic ratio of performance.

    • 21 circular-section slim steel spokes on the front in a two-cross pattern
    • 24 circular-section slim steel spokes on the rear in a two-cross pattern

    • Campagnolo 10/11/12 speed cassette
    • Shimano/SRAM 10/11 speed cassette
    • SRAM 12 speed cassette

    • Monolithic hub in Black Aluminum
    • CULT bearings
    • Hub edges: 100 mm front, 142 mm rear
    • Axle material: aluminum

    • Profile height: 37 mm
    • Material used for rim: Carbon
    • Rim section (height/width): 37/ 26.7 mm
    • Internal rim width: 21 mm
    • Water Transfer Graphics

    • Clinchers and tubeless

    • The Ruota Hyperon Ultra Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is 100% checked by electronic instrumentation. This procedure ensures that every single Campagnolo wheel offers maximum performance and reliability

    2-WAY FIT
    • 1.240 g

    Lightweight construction
    • The rims on the new Hyperon Ultra are molded with the latest Campagnolo H.U.L.C. technology, the result of over 25 years of carbon molding experience. This technology ensures dimensional optimisation of the rims and the carbon fibre and resin ratio, which all contributes to increased stiffness and resistance.
    • The mirror-like C-LUX finish creates a surface so flawlessly smooth that it doesn’t require lacquer, saving weight. The scientific precision of C-LUX also helps to ensure the safest possible seating of tubeless tires, increasing the pressure seal, ease of installation/uninstallation, and reducing the risk of abrasions to the bead.

    Unmatched reactivity
    • The Head-2-Bay system guarantees high precision head-to-bay coupling and the hub has been optimized to prevent inelastic spoke shearing. This innovative technology introduces a hi-load management system to reduce the risk of damage, guaranteeing perfectly balanced spoke tension and correct transfer of power to the road.
    • Our N3W Light freewheel body is designed to house 11-, 12and 13-speed cassettes with 9-, 10- and 11-tooth starting sprockets. Extreme smoothness of the CULT bearings and maximum torsional stiffness, together with even lighter design offer ultimate control.
    • Standing for Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology, CULT bearings offer a significant upgrade from all other bearings. The key to the extraordinary performance of CULT bearings lies in using the highest quality materials in its hybrid construction.
    • The incredibly hard and perfectly round ceramic balls turn inside polymer cages on wear-resistant stainless-steel races, which maximize the efficiency and durability of the bearings, and require only periodic cleaning and light lubrication with synthetic oil.

    Superior handling
    • Our Aero Mo-Mag technology takes aerodynamics to the next level. The internal fibreglass -reinforced polymer seats for the spoke nipples ensure perfect alignment with the spokes, reducing stressors on the system components. Our innovative construction allows the wheels to be built lighter and optimizes aerodynamics.
    • The rear rim profile is asymmetric for super stiffness control and total tension management, in order to guarantee maximum safety and handling around every bend.
    • The Campagnolo single-joint rim construction reduces potential points of weakness by having a solo fuse-point, down from the industry standard 4 joints. This enables the rim to be extremely stiff and, when combined with the aerospace-grade carbon material, incredibly hardwearing and resistant to damage.
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    • 50 mm Tubeless valve
    • Valve reducer bushing
    • 2 levers in composite for tire removal
    • User manual
    • N3W™ adapter kit for 11-12s cassette compatibility (Campagnolo N3W™ body version)
    • Padded wheel bags
    • Accessory sack
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