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  • The "Comfort" of Narrow Handlebars13.06.2020General24 comments

  • It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I hope everyone is staying safe, and riding (or Zwifting) where appropriate. Today’s article is about narrow handlebars. This isn’t a new trend, but it it is one that can be polarising. Narrow bars can both improve and hinder one’s cycling efficiency. After spending the last 5 […]
  • FAR Ventoux C5 Review14.01.2020Reviews7 comments

  • General description There is hardly any other bike upgrade that will affect your performance as much as a new pair of wheels. At the same time, we all know that this can be one of the priciest upgrades too. Therefore, when thinking about upgrades, we must ask ourselves if a new pair of carbon wheels […]
  • Orange Seal, does it live up to it's fame?25.08.2019News3 comments

  • Orange seal, great logo and name, but not at all what I expected. Endurance tubeless sealant While roaming the booths at Velofollies, the best consumer trade show in the BeNeLux area, I stumbled across a booth with Parlee, Chris King and Orange Seal. Parlee and King pulled me into that booth, but i left with […]
  • Tune Factory Visit February 201914.03.2019Factory visit

  • When helding one of the highly engineered Tune hubs in hand, one could without a doubt think this product emerged from a well automated process, manufactured in large scales. Otherwise, how can Tune guarantee such quality and precision? That’s what we at Starbike.com thought, and after more than 10 years of good cooperation we were […]
  • EE cycleworks brakes review02.01.2019General3 comments

  • Early last year, Starbike offered me an opportunity to test a set of older generation EE cycleworks brake┬ácalipers. From what I’ve read about them, I could hardly turn down the opportunity. These brakes promise both functionality and light weight, and are regarded in some circles as the perfect brake. How light is light? Well these […]
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