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  • The "Comfort" of Narrow Handlebars13.06.202024 comments

  • It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I hope everyone is staying safe, and riding (or Zwifting) where appropriate. Today’s article is about narrow handlebars. This isn’t a new trend, but it it is one that can be polarising. Narrow bars can both improve and hinder one’s cycling efficiency. After spending the last 5 […]
  • EE cycleworks brakes review02.01.20193 comments

  • Early last year, Starbike offered me an opportunity to test a set of older generation EE cycleworks brake calipers. From what I’ve read about them, I could hardly turn down the opportunity. These brakes promise both functionality and light weight, and are regarded in some circles as the perfect brake. How light is light? Well these […]
  • Tubeless for Dummies II31.12.2018

  • Last post was about installing tubeless tires, today I’m going to go over potential issues. (beware things aren’t as straight forward as putting an inner tube into a clincher tire.) Issues during the install? You are working on that tubeless install and have all the gear, but the tire won’t just pop out of the […]
  • Clearing the mist around road tubeless part I17.12.20185 comments

  • Well the majority of you guys already knows how to handle a stubborn tire/tape and rim combination, you know. The tire that just doesn’t seal! I’m not saying I have the answer to all of your issues with tubeless, but I have been playing around with tubeless for a long time now so i know […]
  • Newly released wide tires from VELOFLEX25.06.20184 comments

  • Veloflex tires may be seen as a high end product dedicated to competitors or expert cycling fans. But indeed it is a wrong belief. Veloflex tubulars can – I’d like to say should – be used by any cyclist who is looking for performance and comfort. I tried the new Veloflex products: Open tubulars Master […]
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