Xentis Squad 2.5 Tubular Carbon 'Dark Matt' 25mm SRAM/Shimano 10/11s 28x20

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  • SQUAD: With passion to new routes

    Cycling is passion, cycling is freedom, cycling means escaping the everyday stress. The XeNTiS Squad collection brings extra motivation for valuable meters and seconds. The SQUAD designs in white and dark are perfect for each and every attack, either in a wonderful mountain passage or on the final sprint for every centimeter. The optimized alignment of the spokes from the rim to the hub offers exceptional torsional stability and protects against moisture.

    Lightweight design for the greatest of demands

    SQUAD 2.5 tubular is the inner tube model. Up to 16 bar of pressure provides for perfect in entrance, excellent rolling behavior and only 1.068 g/1024 g per set make it practically weightless. Especially in mountainous terrain, which is why SQUAD 2.5. tubular is predestined for the semi-professional and professional use. Braking is of course also on carbon with standard brake pads, the system weight (rider + complete wheel) is up to 100 kg.
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  • Carbon Technology from the Austrian high end manufacturer
    There is a material that performs better than others. It is a high performance material that a company uses unlike any other.
    XeNTiS - next generation wheels - produces 100% carbon wheels.

    XeNTiS Braking performance
    The patented brake surface from XeNTiS guarantees the best braking performance in wet and dry conditions. No wear-out on brake surfaces and next to XeNTiS brake pads also standard brake pads can be used.
    • No wearout of brake surface
    • Best braking performance in wet and dry conditions
    • No requirement for special brake pads, standard pads for alloy rims can be re-used
    Image: Maximum braking performance comparsion of several wheel manufacturers
    Further advantages of XeNTiS wheels are:
    • XeNTiS wheels are coated and therefore UV resistant.
    • XeNTiS wheels feature among an integrated tachometer magnet (except for SQUAD 2.5) also the XeNTiS RFID system which allows every wheel to be traced back to its origin.
    • XeNTiS wheels are manufactured 100% in Austria.

    Handmade in Austria
    Factory number:13ST25006-S
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This item is crafted in Austria