Xentis MARK1 TT Clincher Carbon 57mm

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  • Aerodynamic and light weight

    The battle against your weak side, the battle against the pain felt during all sorts of weather conditions. Whatever thrives you to push on – the XeNTiS Mark product range offers the right material to rely upon every second, every time. Perfect for daily training routines and during personal competition highlights in time trials and in triathlons.

    The record breaking aerodynamic due to the direction-sensitive-aero-profile and the high performance carbon material makes these triathlon wheels extremely aerodynamic, smooth running and light weight for professionals, passionate cyclists and triathletes alike. The patented brake surface guarantees the best braking performance in wet and dry conditions.

    The XeNTiS Mark product range is the wheel to battle against the clock which makes you exceed your limits!
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  • Carbon Technology from the Austrian high end manufacturer
    There is a material that performs better than others. It is a high performance material that a company uses unlike any other.
    XeNTiS - next generation wheels - produces 100% carbon wheels.

    XeNTiS Braking performance
    The patented brake surface from XeNTiS guarantees the best braking performance in wet and dry conditions. No wear-out on brake surfaces and next to XeNTiS brake pads also standard brake pads can be used.
    • No wearout of brake surface
    • Best braking performance in wet and dry conditions
    • No requirement for special brake pads, standard pads for alloy rims can be re-used
    Image: Maximum braking performance comparsion of several wheel manufacturers
    Further advantages of XeNTiS wheels are:
    • XeNTiS wheels are coated and therefore UV resistant.
    • XeNTiS wheels feature among an integrated tachometer magnet (except for SQUAD 2.5) also the XeNTiS RFID system which allows every wheel to be traced back to its origin.
    • XeNTiS wheels are manufactured 100% in Austria.

    Handmade in Austria
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This item is crafted in Austria