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  • The lightest steel spoke ever made. The CX-Super Spoke has been developed for extra light wheels.

    A new grade of stainless steel enables Sapim to reduce the diameter of the spoke, whilst increasing its strength and fatigue resistance. Effectively, the CX-Super is 17% lighter than the CX-Ray and its strength is increased by 120N in the middle section versus that of the CX-Ray.

    Inclusive nipples; If you want the straightpull version then just scroll the dropdown field to to the bottom

    • Lightest Aero spoke ever manufactured
    • New stainless steel
    • 1,8 - 0,9 x 2,0 - 1,8 mm
    • 3,6 g / spoke (260mm)
    • 17% weight reduction contrary CX-Ray
    • Additional 120 N strength contrary CX-Ray

    "...We have been building a first wheelset with these new spokes.
    The result is outstanding, the wheelset is just 795g. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that this new spoke introduces a new era of spokes for weightweenies.
    It is as easy to build as a standard DT Aerolite or Sapim Cx-ray, it doesn't twist, and it must be a really aero spoke.
    Bladed cross section is just 2.1/0.75. Thread and head are 1.8mm.
    This spoke is about 20% lighter than the Aerolite and Cx-ray..."
    Source: weightweenies board
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