THM Carbones bearing cups for Clavicula

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  • Bearing shells with bearings - BSA / ITA

    Bearing cups are available by choice with BSA or Italian thread version. They are fitted with industrial bearings sealed at either side (dimension: 42 / 30 / width 7 mm).

    Weight: 72g

    BB30 Bearing cups / Pressfit 30

    BB30: These bearing cups are suited for installation of the THM Clavicula on frames with bottom bracket housings to BB30 standard applicable to axles with 30 mm diameter.

    The bottom bracket housing is 68 mm wide and its inner diameter is 42 mm.

    The snap rings wich for the BB30 standard are used as limit stop when pressing in the bearings, must not be installed.

    The relatively small bearing clearance of 68 mm could lead to considerable axle deformations.

    The solution with bearings at the outside involves a reduced load on the axle which can be seen from the higher rigidity.

    Another advantage is the facility of using the same crank for frames to BB30 standard and those with BSA or Italian thread. The increase in weight of the complete system is neglegible.

    Pressfit30: In the meantime SRAM has its own specification for crank installation.

    Frame width is either 68 mm or 73 mm and the inner diameter 46 mm.

    THM supplies a system adaption with cups installed from outside, offering the bearings a contact width of 85.5 mm (Road) or 93 mm (MTB).

    Shimano Pressfit bearings

    This is a meantime frequently used bottom bracket mounting facility composed of 41 mm cups to be pressed in.

    Available are a Road variant for 86.5 mm frame width and 2 MTB versions, one for 92 mm frame width (symmetrical to the center line) and another for 89.5 mm frame width (unsymmetrical).

    Weight: 55g
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  • THM Carbones has been awarded with the German seal of quality by federal research organization.

    Since 20 years THM Faserverbund-Technologie GmbH explores the best possible approaches in case to engineer high-performance and state-of-the-art components.

    The exact direction of the carbon fibre along the force flow leads to an optimal use of the material's potential. Hereby THM Carbones has been inspired by the structure of natural bones in case to reach maximum performance in comnbination with least weight of the particular components.

    Finally THM achieved being honored with the German "Innovativ durch Forschung" award.
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