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  • Continental TravelContact - The Globetrotter!

    You can't develop a tyre for globetrotters on the drawing board. So that is why all of Tilmann Waldthaler's experience has been put to use in the development of the TravelContact. His requirements were obvious: a robust carcass with a high carrying capacity and protection against chafing and cuts, effective puncture resistance and last but not least, a thread that makes it possible to explore paths around the world quickly and safely.

    A foldable version is of course also available to take along as a spare. The TravelContact is ideal for touring all kinds of routes.

    • 3 plies / total 180 tpi
    • SafetySystem - the system of puncture protection
    • DuraSkin - Continentals patented polyamide layer that provides excellent sidewall protection.

    tireETRTOdimensioncolorweightweight fold.rec. psimax. psi
    TravelContact47-55926 x 1,75black DuraSkin6305905080
    37-622700 x 37Cblack DuraSkin5805155885
    42-622700 x 42Cblack DuraSkin650-5085
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    • Tautvydas 02/06/2015
      Very good, but not excellent.
      It's fast and long lasting touring tyre. Perfect on road and gravel. Keep a lower pressure on sandy roads. The only drawback ? it loses sidewall threads after some time. So, it's better to keep near max pressure, especially for heavy riders. The folding one is good as spare.

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