Zipp 404 Firestrike Carbon-Clincher 24H Shimano/SRAM 10/11 noir decals [wheelset] 2016

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  • Zipp 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher Limited
    From Zipp, the leading engineers of speed for more than a quarter century, comes our most advanced clincher wheel ever – the Zipp 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher. Think limited availability, unlimited capabilities. The Firestrike wheel series is Zipp’s ultimate exclusive wheel. As new designs, technologies and manufacturing techniques are proven out, they are rolled into new limited availability Firestrike wheelsets. Our introduction of the 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher a year ago began this new era of innovation for Zipp.

    The 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher is designed for durability and impact resistance but, at 1,620 grams per wheelset, is also light weight. Simply put, Zipp set the industry standard for strength and durability in a carbon clincher. With its versatile 58mm rim depth, the 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher it stands as our pinnacle carbon clincher to overcome the resistive forces slowing you down – whether it’s aero drag, wind-induced steering torque, rain soaked roads, or tight corners. Each version of Firestrike has limited availability – we’re manufacturing just four hundred and four (yes, 404) wheelsets each for the new 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher and 404 Firestrike Tubular.

    Additional new innovations and features in the 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher:

    • CeramicSpeed bearings are the lowest resistance hybrid ceramic (ceramic balls and steel races). Smooth rolling bearings put every last watt into moving you toward your goal.
    • Zipp’s ImPress direct-print black razor graphic for improved aesthetics and weight savings over traditional decals.
    • Newly designed titanium quick-release skewers have a wider more ergonomic handle to provide more leverage for opening and closing. When closed, the lever contours neatly with the frame.
    • Zipp Valve Extenders by Silca provides easy inflation with an external gasket for no annoying rattle at the valve hole.

    Zipp’s Firestrike design, which draws on the same rim patent used in Firecrest, also includes premium performance advancements:

    • Showstopper brake track technology applies a molded in brake track pattern and introduces a Silicon Carbide (SiC) surface for wet weather braking. Showstopper technology delivers greater stopping power in wet conditions than any carbon wheel ever produced, offering braking on par with aluminum braking surfaces.
    • CFD (computational fluid dynamics) designed Firestrike rim shape provides a 34% reduction in side force while maintaining the aero performance of our Firecrest rims, for the ultimate in aero balance.
    • Revised ABLC (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control) smooths airflow through more frequent and smaller vortices, providing unmatched stability and control on even the windiest days.
    • The Zipp 88/188v10 hubset adds torsional stiffness gained through the use of a 2-cross lacing pa
    ttern utilizing Sapim CX-Ray spokes and precision-set the bearing pre-load. That means no bearing pre-load adjustment is ever required.

    Each 404 Firestrike Clincher includes Zipp black titanium skewer, Zipp valve extender by Silca, Zipp tube 700c x 23mm, Zipp rim tape 700c x 20mm, Zipp individual wheel bag and Zipp Platinum Pro Evo brake pads.

    *188v10 hubset and associated hubset parts are not cross-compatible with the 188v9 hubset or hubset parts.

    Front Wheel
    • Weight 725g
    • Hub Used 88v10
    • Rim Depth 58mm
    • Brake Track Width (center) 26.4mm
    • Max Width 27.8mm
    • Clincher Bead Width 17.25mm
    • Spokes Sapim CX-Ray
    • Spoke Count 18
    • Spoke Pattern Radial
    • Spoke Length 246mm
    • Max Tire Pressure 125psi
    • Max Tire Pressure 8.62bars
    • Track Adaptable No
    • Dimpled Surface Yes
    • Ceramic Bearing CeramicSpeed
    • Nipples Sapim secure-lock
    • External Nipples Yes

    Rear Wheel
    • Weight 895g
    • Hub Used 188v10
    • Rim Depth 58mm
    • Brake Track Width (center) 26.4mm
    • Max Width 27.8mm
    • Spokes Sapim CX-Ray
    • Spoke Count 24
    • Spoke Length Non-Drive 252mm
    • Spoke Pattern Non-Drive 2 cross
    • Spoke Pattern Drive 2 cross
    • Spoke Length Drive 250mm
    • Max Tire Pressure 125psi
    • Max Tire Pressure 8.62bars
    • 11-speed compatible hub Yes
    • Track Adaptable No
    • Dimpled Surface Yes
    • Ceramic Bearing CeramicSpeed
    • Nipples Sapim secure-lock
    • External Nipples Yes


    • Firestrike

    Having set the bar on achievable aero efficiency in crosswinds, Zipp's Firecrest rim revolutionized how rims should perform in ever-changing windy conditions. The all-new Firestrike rim is the latest technology built on the same rim patent used in Firecrest. Using Firecrest as a building block, our engineers continued to develop around the principle technologies that made the rim shape great: 

    • Optimizing the rim ID to act as the second leading edge, improving the overall wheel system efficiency in cross winds
    • Controlling the shedding frequency, resulting in better rider control
    • Moving the rim system's center of pressure closer to the bike’s steering axis

    The evolutionary Firestrike rim profile has a slightly more blunt ID, improving its aero stability across back half of the wheel. When compared with Firecrest, the new modified ID (inside diameter) geometry of Firestrike allows the leading edge of the profile to keep air attached longer thus further easing the transition to the sidewall. Like it’s Firecrest predecessor, Firestrike continues to produce industry leading low drag across all wind angles.

    In designing Firestrike, the engineers have looked at how the wheel fits within the bike system holistically. It's not enough to design a wheel with low drag numbers. It is more about how the wheel interacts symbiotically with you and the bike. The best wheel is one that strikes a fine balance between aero efficiency and aero stability.

    • ABLC (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control)

    Zipp ABLC technology maximizes the advantages of Zipp's patented Firecrest and Firestrike rim profiles. The idea is that these mathematically designed rim shapes can only take advantage of the airflow if the air adheres to the rim surface. With a V shaped rim or flat-sided rim, the airflow becomes separated from the leeward side of the rim as soon as the rim begins to face airflow more than 1 or 2 degrees off axis. This separated airflow creates a vacuous region behind the rim, which is the primary source of pressure drag on the wheel itself. With a curved section, we are able to keep the airflow on the rim surface out to 7 or 8 degrees of yaw, but eventually the flow begins to separate or 'stall' on the backside. With ABLC dimples, we are forcing the airflow into a higher energy state, forming a turbulent boundary layer near the surface of the rim, which allows the air to remain attached to the rim even at higher angles.

    The tradeoff here is that we are creating a slightly higher skin friction drag on the rim, but since this is some 10 times lower than the pressure drag, we find a shaped rim to be remarkably analogous to a golf ball in that the pressure drag reduction is many times greater than the total skin friction drag. Whereas most aerodynamic rims show minimum drag at between 5 and 10 degrees in the wind tunnel (conditions only seen 20-25% of the time in the real world) and then show increasing drag through higher wind angles, ABLC allows the minimum drag to occur between 10 and 20 degrees and be much lower than smooth sided rims.

    This technology has allowed for rims that demonstrate lower drag values at every single measured data point than previous rim designs, but more importantly have minimum drag in conditions that riders experience the most often. The concept is quite simple, roughly 50% of real world riding occurs with effective wind angles between 10 and 20 degrees, at angles between 0 and 5 degrees, the drag is primarily affected by tire choice, and at angles from 25 degrees and higher, the surface area of the wheel becomes the primary player. This new technology allows us to shift the sweet spot of the rim into the ideal zone (10-20deg.) while still reducing drag at all other values. The result is a wheel that is not just faster in one condition, but faster through the range of conditions you will experience the majority of the time.
    Equally important to controlling how airflow attaches to the Firestrike rim profile, is controlling how predictably the flow detaches. The new Firestrike ABLC dimple pattern was designed to work in conjunction with the rim profile resulting in a combination that is both low drag, yet very stable and predictable even in the windiest of conditions. The new wavy dimple pattern is designed to utilize 18 nodes that are specifically clocked to start shearing at a rate of 66hz at a rider speed of 17mph. The wave pattern accomplishes this by inducing small sheet vortices that shed at this low magnitude but at a higher natural frequency, decreasing the laminar bubble effect on the leeward of the profile. This high frequency shedding is less perceivable to the rider, creating less disruption, and inspiring greater confidence to hold more aero position in worse conditions.

    • Showstopper

    In 1992 Zipp implemented a light media blast process to abrade the resin on the braking surface on the 400 and 440 rims. This exclusive feature resulted in improved modulation and increased stopping power. After 2 years of prototyping, extensive testing, introducing new materials, and modifying existing manufacturing processes we can introduce Showstopper brake track technology.

    Showstopper is a complimenting pairing of a directional, molded-in, texture with silicon carbide particles suspended in the surface resin. The current media blast process applied to all Zipp rims increases the surface roughness of the brake track providing the rider with consistent and responsive braking. In order to improve this for the wettest of rides, we have introduced a molded-in groove specifically tuned for the Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro EVO Brake Pad. The grooves have been optimized to interact with leading edge (relative to the rotation of the wheel) of the brake pad and the four cooling channels. The leading edge of the pad and first two channels efficiently wipe water and debris outward, cleaning and drying the braking surface, while the second two cooling channels have maximum interference with the grooves allowing greater braking force than a smooth rim. The cleaning effects of the groove and pad interaction improve brake feel and consistency even in dry conditions.
    Beneath the textured brake track are SiC particles suspended in the resin. Silicon Carbide is nearly three times harder than hardened steel and is very abrasion resistant. Commonly used in cutting tools and grinding wheels, the SiC particles in our Showstopper brake track ensure consistent performance for the life of your wheel.

    The net result is equal brake force in wet conditions when compared to industry leading aluminum rims. Showstopper technology delivers greater stopping power in wet conditions than any carbon wheel ever produced.
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