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  • Unwavering traction in every corner of the world, the Vigilante is our premier aggressive trail and enduro tire. It grips at lean angles like nobody’s business, and is the tire of choice for our entire team of ripping enduro athletes who need a tire that won’t let them down while chasing podiums.

    • Prominent lugs dig into any terrain, wet or dry, while providing stability at any speed
    • Ample spacing between knobs ensures it flings mud while biting into loose, chunky trails
    • Often used as an aggressive front tire, though it also works well as a rear tire on loose, steep terrain
    • Proven performance as WTB's most popular mountain tire
    • Use: Trail, Enduro
    • Version: TCS Light FR, TCS Tough FR, TCS Tough HG, Slash Guard Light HG
    • Size: 27,5", 29"
    • Width: 2.5", 2.6", 2.8".
    • Weight: 1103 g (27.5") 1374 g (29")
    • Color:black, black-tan
    • Casing: Light, Tough
    • Tyre type: folding tyre

    TCS LIGHT CASING - A supple, gram-conscious carcass designed to be compliant and conform to trail objects while still providing a happy balance of low rotational weight and rugged reliability.

    TCS TOUGH CASING - Take our proven Lightweight Casing found in TCS Light tires and... well... double it. Yep, Tough Casing is composed of two full layers of casing, leaving no area unprotected on our TCS Tough tires. Developed through real world testing during the Enduro World Series, this casing is designed to take punishment and has been optimized for sealant usage, retention, and consistency.

    SLASH GUARD - Slash Guard features a nylon insert spanning the entire sidewall, from the tire bead to the outer knob. The insert provides additional sidewall protection without adding unnecessary weight. Nylon is a highly durable material that resists slashes and gashes, making it ideal for defending the most exposed area of the tire. Slash Guard provides an intermediate level of protection for those wanting extra sidewall durability without the weight of a dual ply casing.
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