Veloflex ProTour Tubular

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  • ProTour pneu à boyau

    Boyau avec une enveloppe très souple de 320 TPI (Threads Per Inch) Corespun et un composé innovant qui offre une très faible résistance au roulement et une grande adhérence à la route. Il est équipé d'une ceinture de protection anti-perforation et d'une chambre à air exclusive en latex, pour une meilleure élasticité dans toutes les conditions.

    Numéro d'article Taille Poids* Pression suggérée
    PT23G 28" - 23mm 260 g 7/10 bar (100/145 psi)
    PT25G 28" - 25mm 300 g 6/9 bar (85/130 psi)
    PT28G 28" - 28mm 310 g 5/8 bar (75/115 psi)

    * Poids ± 5%
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    Rate this product

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    • Bestimmt Ausgezeichnet! (Most excellent!)
      Veloflex are extraordinary, and these tubulars more so. In 40 years, I've ridden almost every brand (and every price) of sew-ups, and these tires top them all. My current ProTours (28mm) have ~3,200km/2,000 miles, all on Los Angeles roads (and light gravel), and still have exceptional tread, though the rear is showing wear. There are no bald patches and no visible thread cores, but the crown of the rear is level. At this rate, I expect the front tire to last through one more rear tire.

      The sidewalls and tread are supple and responsive, and the traction's reliable and reassuring, even on wet surfaces. I weigh ~75kg/170lbs, inflate the tires to ~6.5b/100psi, and they're comfortable, but still quite fast.

      As for flats, I've only had one small puncture in the front and one in the rear. That's luck, certainly, but the quality and characteristics of these tires have helped. Both flats were easily fixed with about 15ml/1tbsp of latex each.

      I mount on alloy rims with Tufo tape (19mm, also highly recommended), and have no worries/issues with the tire seating properly and staying absolutely true on the rim. I prefer the gumwalls, which means cleaning with a nail brush and warm water once or twice a month.

         John P.   
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