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  • One Shot Sealant - from 60 grams
    One shot is enough!

    Traditionally, either sealants are fast sealing, OR have a long shelf life. With one shot, we completely reformulated the compound, it’s now ammonium and latex free for both quick and effective sealing, and a long shelf life.

    Shake vigorously before use.
    Ammonia, natural latex and protein free – One Shot Sealant is optimised for use in tubeless road and mountain bike tires to provide a reliable seal and protection against punctures, small cuts and tubeless rim leaks without adverse chemical reactions affecting the tire, tube or rim. One Shot can also be used in all tubes with removable PRESTA valve cores and tubular tires. Effective temperature from minus 10 to 80° Celsius (14 to 176° Fahrenheit), and on average remains effective from 9 to 12 months depending upon local conditions and amount used.

    Recommended amounts per tire:
    • 1.0“ to 2.4“ width: 60-90ml
    • 2.5” to 4.0“ width: 90-120ml

    Results and amounts needed may vary depending on temperatures and riding conditions.

    Feedback of an ONE SHOT tester:

    I have used ONE SHOT on three bikes with different set of tyres. The rims are all No Tubes ZTR. After decanting the sealant into a little bottle (from Schwalbe!) it was easy to insert into the tyre. It is considerably less sticky than other products. The tyres were sealed faster than with other latex sealants. Schwalbe tyres were sealed faster than Michelin tyres. Probably they fit better. I have also noticed that the re-pumping intervals increased. Due to the fact that I ride have been riding tubeless for many years, I feel I have a good base for comparison. Regarding the durability, I will have to let you know!

    Keep out of reach of children. Contents may cause allergic reactions if ingested. If swallowed do not induce vomiting – Drink water and call a physician. Use eye protection. In case of eye contact flush thoroughly with water and seek medical attention.

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