THM Carbones Mandibula carbon seatpost 27.2mm 25mm

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  • Our goal was simple: Make a very light, very comfortable seat post. Achieving that goal was extremely hard, it’s only after two years of hard work that we are satisfied with the result.

    Comfort seatposts all suffer from the same problem. The farther they stick out of the frame, the more flexible they get. That’s of course not what you want, taller (and heavier) riders should not have a more flexible seat post. The Mandibula fixes this issue by dividing the post into two zones: the comfort zone and the power zone. The latter is a super-stiff and light structure, that hardly flexes regardless of how much of it sticks out of the frame. The comfort zone provides exactly what you would expect, the right level of comfort without becoming too much.

    Thanks to the parallelogram of the comfort zone, the saddle stays horizontal through the flex path, unlike convensional flex seatposts, while its compact design means it also works on small frames and frames with a horizontal toptube. The proprietary carbon layup dampens to avoid any oscillation while riding at higher cadence or on rough roads and cobblestones. This reduces fatigue for the rider and allows you to ride longer and with more comfort.

    Thanks to THM’s lay-up, manufacturing process and structural details such as the rail clamp mechanism, the overall weight of the Mandibula comfort seat post is lower than even most seat posts without comfort features. At 159 g for a rider weight up to 110 kg, it may well be our most impressive piece of engineering.

    Clamp diameterØ 27,2 mm
    Setback25 mm
    Clamp diameterØ 7 mm or 7x9 mm oval (carbon half-shells for both included)
    Lenghts350 mm or 400 mm
    Minimum Insert100 mm
    FinishNatural Carbon/Basalt
    Weight (±5%)159 g (350mm)
    Max. Permissible Weight:
    (Rider + bicycle + luggage)
    110 kg
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  • THM Carbones a été récompensé par le sceau de la qualité allemande décerné par l'organisation fédérale de la recherche.

    Depuis 20 ans la société THM explore les meilleures approches possibles afin de développer des composants de hautes performances et qui font référence dans l'art du carbone.

    L'orientation précise des fibres de carbone selon les efforts dans la pièce permettent une utilisation optimale du potentiel du matériau. De ce fait THM carbone s'est inspiré par la structure naturelle des os pour atteindre la performance maximale combiné avec le minimum de poids du composant.

    Finalement THM a été récompensé par le prix allemand "Innovativ durch Forschung".
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