Supernova M99 Mini Pro 25 light noir

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Ce produit est manufacturé à la main en Allemagne
  • The world’s first road legal high beam for bicycles and E-Bike
    We’ve packed the M99 Mini PRO25 with the same far-reaching and enormously wide light beam – which distinguishes its big brother – into an incredibly compact housing. Using the low beam, you can ride through the city without blinding anyone. Once you go offroad, you can change to the high beam at the push of a button.

    • Low beam: 450 lm, 150 lx
    • High beam: 1150 lm, 260 lx
    • Wattage low beam: 5 V: 5.2 W / 6 V: 5.2 W / 12 V: 5.2
    • Wattage high beam: 5 V: 10 W / 6 V: 8 W / 12 V: 16 W*
    • Input voltage: 5 V – 12 V DC
    • Approvals: German K-number
    • Illumination: 10 automotive LEDs
    • L x W x H: 37 x 78 x 50 mm
    • Weight: 125 g
    • Color: Matte black
    • Warranty: 3 years

    * Automatic power adaption to the port power. This means that the light will have more power on a 12 V port than on a 6 V port.

    supernova high beam
    Supernova was the first manufacturer to offer a legally-approved high beam for bicycles with the launch of the M99 MINI PRO25. With the most recent changes to road traffic legislation, the high beam has become one of the most important innovations in the bicycle lighting sector. A high beam offers tremendous radiance and increases a cyclist’s safety substantially. Our legally-approved bicycle lights provide excellent illumination, especially for tricky terrain where cyclists have to negotiate hanging branches, signs, junctions, and poorly visible pedestrians. No matter how steep or winding the trail, our high beam lights illuminate the pathway. The Supernova high beam has an extremely wide beam angle. This allows an excellent awareness of the surroundings, with the additional advantages described below.

    Submerged suspension fork
    The diving of the suspension fork is a well-known problem with mountain bikes. Because MTBs have a long travel suspension, and the fork dives to a great extent when you brake, the reach of the light cone is often diminished by up to 90%. Supernova’s special high beam is optimized to increase the beam above the light-dark boundary so that it compensates for the movement of the fork. This way, the visibility of the pathway is maintained. The high beam of the M99 reflector has a 56% larger opening angle than other comparable front lights. Using the low beam, you can ride to the trailhead without dazzling others. Once you go offroad, you can change to the high beam at the push of a button.

    Curve illumination
    When a cyclist leans into a bend, the dipped beam, which is sharply limited at the glare horizon, tilts to the side with the rider, so that the way ahead is only partially illuminated. In contrast, the brilliant high beam radiates far beyond the glare horizon and the light streams into the corner. As a result, there is a much improved illumination of the pathway when cornering and thus a significant increase in safety for cyclists.
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    • incl. magnetic high beam switch (cable length 212 mm)
    • Incl. handlebar bracket (Ø 22.0 mm)
    • Incl. Power Connector Cable- Bosch (length 1300 mm)
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