SON Edelux II DC for Pedelecs

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Ce produit est manufacturé à la main en Allemagne
  • LED Headlights Edelux II DC for direct current of electrically assisted bicycle (up to 25 km/h / 15.5 mph)

    Hub dynamos are becoming less common for electrically assisted bicycles as lights are fed by the battery of the drive unit with DC. Dynamo head lights, unlike rear lights, are generally not capable to operate with DC. Schmidt Maschinenbau has been producing the LED-front light Edelux II DC for electrically assisted bicycles/ DC supply since fall 2014. Power supply for electrically assisted bicycles is not standardized so we need two different lights for varying drive systems:

    • Edelux II DC 6 Volt
    • for voltages from 5.5 to 8 volts DC
    • power input results in approx. 600 mA
    • luminance approx. 80 lux
    • suitable for systems with 6-V-DC-output (e.g. Bosch Active and Performance or Shimano Steps)
    • not suitable for systems with low current limitation (Bosch Classic)
    • the lights are turned on using the display and so there is no need for a light switch nor an outlet for a rear light
    • There are two options for connecting the light to the drive unit:
    • with a 140 cm long coaxial cable
    • with a cable from the drive manufacturer with two spade connectors 2.8 x 0.5 mm or with one spade connector plus a ring terminal

    • Edelux II DC 6 to 75 Volts
    • for voltages from 6.0 up to 75 volts
    • out of 5.8 – 6.4 Volts results a power input of 2 – 2,5 Watt (60 to 70 lux)
    • out of 6.5 – 75 Volts results a power input of approx. 3 Watt (90 lux)
    • for 6-volt-supply with low current limitation (Bosch Classic) and direct light supply with battery voltage
    • On-Off switch (switching ring can be by a covering ring replaced)
    • rear light output 6 Volt DC (for regular dynamo rear lights)


    The installation must be carried out by qualified personnel. The specifications of the drive unit must be followed strictly. Mistakes can result in damages on the e-bike electronics. Any operations on systems with more than 60 Volts must be conducted by an electrically qualified person.
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