Silca pump head Hiro for standing pump carbon steel

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  • Leaking chucks are a thing of the past with the HIRO locking chuck. Use it on short valves, disc wheels, and any other Presta valve you can throw at it. Years ago while Josh was working with the Team CSC at the Dauphine Libere, he noticed one of their mechanics using the most amazing little chuck to manage the disc wheel inflation. Unlike anything he had seen before, it was all metal and used a 'lollipop' lever on the side to lock onto the valve stems in disc wheels. The mechanic explained that these were made in Japan and were coveted by all the Euro-Pro mechanics due to their scarcity. So Josh set out to improve the design and make it available to cyclists everywhere.

    • Full metal construction
    • Can seal on as little as 10mm of valve
    • Adjustable pre-load for custom fit
    • Disc-wheel compatible
    • Threads into any Schrader chuck
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    Rate this product

    1 review for Silca pump head Hiro for standing pump carbon steel with an rating of 4/5 point.

    • Worth the money
      Excellent Chuck. Will give many years of service so will prove good value over time.
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