Schwalbe One HT tubular 700x24C (24-622) RaceGuard

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  • The new racing tire is called Schwalbe One. The name alone indicates how significant this new tire is for the bicycle tire manufacturer based in the German town of Reichshof. It is produced by Schwalbe in a high-end factory set up exclusively for the manufacture of this new top-class tire. The Schwalbe One will make its debut appearance at the Tour de France, where Teams RadioShack Leopard Trek, AG2R and FDJ will be equipped with it as they line up at the start.

    With its Schwalbe One the company is underlining its major objectives in cycle racing. "Schwalbe One is the fastest and at the same time the most reliable competition tire we have ever produced," emphasized Holger Jahn, Managing Director Technology at Schwalbe. From September it will be available as a folding tire, tubed tire and in a tubeless version.[/td][/tr][/table][table][tr][td]The new triple compound:
    A completely new compound, the OneStar triple compound, was developed specifically for extremely low rolling resistance. "In recent years there have been major developments in compounding, without which such rubber mixes would not have been possible. The new triple compound is based on special polymers that have only recently become available," reported Markus Hachmeyer, Senior Product Manager. As a result Schwalbe has achieved a great improvement in the familiar trade-off between rolling resistance, wet adhesion and durability. The technicians have subjected innumerable rubber mixes and more than 50 prototypes to laboratory tests and practical trials.

    However, the OneStar triple compound is not only faster, it also delivers the good grip we all appreciate – and it is also more cut-resistant than previous compounds. This makes the tire significantly more puncture-resistant. The tread contour with its more robust tire shoulder also helps to make the tire more reliable.

    With its 205 grams the new racing tire, due to a slight increase in the amount of material used, is just a little heavier than the Ultremo ZX, which is still available. But the technical benefits more than offset this supposed disadvantage: thanks to the innovative triple compound, rolling resistance is minimized. At the same time the compound, the V-Guard and the new tread pattern make the tire extremely puncture-resistant.

    Three systems: folding, tubed and tubeless tires
    Schwalbe One is available as a folding tire, the traditional hand-sewn tubed tire and also as a modern tubeless version. Markus Hachmeyer sees the switch to the tubeless system as a positive move: "At present there are hardly any tubeless tires for racing bikes. However, this system offers outstanding benefits in practice. The rolling resistance is noticeably lower than with conventional folding and tubed tires because this system minimizes friction losses. At the same time tubeless systems are extremely safe and a sudden loss of air is almost impossible. There are no longer any tubes that can overheat and burst. A puncture protection fluid seals up small holes within a fraction of a second.

    • Tubular tire 22-622 24-622 26-622 28-622
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  • Montrer tous les produits SchwalbeSchwalbe est un fabricant allemand de pneus de vélo fondé en 1922. L'entreprise produit une large gamme de pneus pour différentes disciplines cyclistes, notamment la route, la montagne et le vélo de ville. Schwalbe est connu pour ses produits de haute qualité, sa technologie innovante et son fort engagement en faveur du développement durable.

    L'une des principales innovations technologiques introduites par Schwalbe est son "Easy Rolling System", qui utilise un design unique de la bande de roulement pour réduire la résistance au roulement et améliorer l'efficacité. L'entreprise a également investi dans le développement d'une gamme de pneus offrant une faible résistance au roulement, une meilleure adhérence et une protection contre les crevaisons, ce qui en fait un choix populaire parmi les cyclistes professionnels et amateurs.

    Schwalbe s'engage également dans le développement durable et la protection de l'environnement. La société utilise un certain nombre de méthodes de production écologiques, telles que le recyclage des déchets et la réduction de l'utilisation de produits chimiques dans la production de pneus. De plus, Schwalbe soutient les initiatives de transport durable, notamment la promotion du vélo comme moyen de transport durable.

    Dans l'ensemble, Schwalbe est un nom respecté et digne de confiance dans la communauté des cyclistes, connu pour produire des pneus de haute qualité qui offrent des performances fiables et une technologie innovante.