Salsa Marrakesh travel bike frameset 700C noir

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  • Marrakesh Frameset

    Marrakesh is our world-touring bike, designed for fully loaded, rugged exploration. Marrakesh is stable and predictable when heavily loaded, and durable enough to be strapped down to the roof of a bus jostling over a remote pass. Turkish dust around the bottom bracket and mud from Thailand’s monsoon season make just as much sense on this bike as all the stickers from the other countries you’ve visited do. When you’ve decided to stop dreaming and actually make that year abroad a reality, Marrakesh is ready to pile on the miles.

    Poids kit cadre
    • Cadre ~ 3,8kg (8 lb 6 oz - 55cm cadre et fourche)

    Pour en savoir plus sur les fourchettes Salsa, cliquez ici : Salsa Components


    Size 50cm 52cm 54cm 55cm 57cm 59.5cm
    Recommended Rider Height 147–158cm 158–165cm 165–173cm 170–178cm 175–185cm 185–UP
    A. Toptube Effective 500mm 520mm 540mm 550mm 570mm 595mm
    B. Seat Tube Length 440.0mm 480.0mm 520.0mm 560.0mm 590.0mm 620.0mm
    C. Headtube Angle 69.5° 70.75° 70.75° 70.75° 70.75° 70.75°
    D. Seat Tube Angle 75.5° 74.5° 73.5° 73.0° 72.5° 72.0°
    E. BB Drop 77mm 77mm 77mm 77mm 77mm 77mm
    F. Chainstay Length 455–472mm 455–472mm 455–472mm 455–472mm 455–472mm 455–472mm
    G. Headtube Length 90mm 100mm 110mm 125mm 150mm 175mm
    H. Fork Length 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm
    J. Fork Offset 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm
    K. Wheelbase 1040.6–1057.6mm 1039.6–1056.6mm 1049.7–1066.7mm 1054.9–1071.9mm 1070.2–1087.2mm 1090.0–1107.0mm
    M. Stack 539.5mm 553.9mm 563.3mm 577.5mm 601.1mm 624.7mm
    N. Reach 360.5mm 366.4mm 373.1mm 373.4mm 380.5mm 392.0mm
    P. Standover 704.2mm 735.6mm 761.2mm 791.0mm 817.4mm 843.5mm
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    • Cane Creek 10 Headset
    • Seatpost clamp 30.0mm
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