Ryde Taurus 21 RW 27,5' Disc 32S VH 8,5mm 8-10 speed Shimano Deore moyeux noir

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  • Ryde Taurus 21

    Without adding too much weight we managed to make the Taurus 21 an extra strong rim for hard use with modern mountainbikes, but equally suitable for trekking bikes using mid width tyres.


    This pinned joint rim uses single eyelets for an evenly spread spoke tension around the nipple head and an easy lacing and truing process.

    Single eyelets

    • Stainless steel material resistant to corrosion.
    • Improves strength around spokeholes.
    • Improves nipple / rim seat.
    • Reduces the wearing out of the nipples and rim.


    Professional Series. Your bike needs rims. Good rims in order to build the best wheels. Strong wheels, lasting wheels. Light wheels. Beautiful wheels. The Professional Series offers a broad range of rims to build any wheel you can dream of.
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