Muc Off Ludicrous AF Lube 50ml pink

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  • This one is for the absolute speed freaks! The fastest Race-Lube - Ludicrous AF!

    This bottle of liquid magic has been developed for over three years by the Muc-Off laboratory testers. The result is a category-leading piece of science that delivers unrivaled performance through cutting-edge research and innovation.

    It's the F1 car of bike lubes - stripped down to the essentials. That means no dyes, no fragrances, no added corrosion inhibitor, just a unique blend of environmentally friendly raw materials that minimize chain friction and wear while maximizing performance in all conditions. It all means one thing - RAW SPEED.

    Developed in secret with pro cycling teams INEOS Grenadiers, EF Education-NIPPO and Bahrain McLaren, Ludicrous AF takes drive performance to a whole new level. Perfected during the 2020 Grand Tour season, with multiple podiums and an overall win at Giro d'Italia 2021, there is no faster lubricant!

    For all hardcore roadies, track racers, triathletes and MTB shredders, everything just changed. Get ready to feel the speed!

    The main features of the new Lube:

    • The fastest chain oil in the world.
    • Extremely low coefficient of friction
    • Lowest wear of the chain components
    • Very resistant at all temperatures (unlike waxes)
    • Provides ultimate performance in wet and humid conditions as well as dry and dusty conditions
    • Highest performance chain oil with the lowest friction used by professional road, track, triathlon and MTB athletes worldwide
    • Improves as it is drawn into the chain through continuous surface improvement at the molecular level
    • Outperforms competitor chain lubricants and waxes
    • Used during the 2020 / 2021 Tour de France race
    • Raw, environmentally friendly ingredients for maximum performance
    • Petroleum-free formula for environmental protection
    • Biodegradable and sustainable
    • Extends the life of the chain
    • Proprietary additives for self-lubricating capabilities
    • Super durable
    • Synthetic polymers for long-lasting performance
    • Excellent wear properties for incredible durability up to 2000km
    • Works in temperatures as low as -20°C
    • Low noise formulation
    • Pipette system for ease of application
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