Manitou Dorado Comp 37 OS suspension fork

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  • Coil Fans Rejoice!

    Once again, the Dorado is available with a coil option. The new Dorado Comp features the same 37mm chassis as the Expert, but with a more set it and forget it vibe. The coil spring provides a smooth consistent feel 100% of the time with 0% of any hassle. On the damping side of things, our ABS+ Damper offers a great adjustment range, terrific reliability, and easy serviceability. The Dorado Comp is built for riders who just want to ride and not sweat any of the small stuff.

    • New 37mm chassis results in a massive increase in stiffness and ride quality. The new chassis is 20% stiffer compared to our former 36mm version
    • Inverted Design provides an incredibly smooth and consistent feel due to constant lubrication of the bushings and seals. The inverted design also provides a major increase in fore-aft stiffness compared to traditional forks while maintaining torsional compliance which provides more control to the rider over rough terrain.
    • Coil Spring provides maximum bump sensitivity and simple service procedures. The standard spring rate provided in the fork is a medium rate of 35lb/in. For tuning, there are six spring rates available for this fork; 25lb/in, 30lb/in, 35lb/in, 40lb/in, 45lb/in, 50lb/in.
    • ABS+ damper is known for its incredible reliability and easy tunability. Adjustments include a low speed compression adjust and low-speed rebound adjustment.
    • Fits both 29" and 27.5" wheels. Markings on the outer legs indicate the proper clamping point for ideal axle to crown measurements depending on wheelsize. The fork legs can be used with both wheel sizes.
    • Two Crown Options are available with this fork. The 47 offset is designed to work with 27.5" wheels and intended axle to crown. The 57 offset crown is designed for 29" wheels and axle to crown. For those looking to run the lower offset crown with 29" wheels please reference our fit document to see if your headtube length is compatible.
    • TSR Bleed Screws allow you to release excess pressures built up in the outer legs of your fork while riding keeping your fork smooth and supple all day long.
    • Wheel Size: 27.5", 29"
    • Weight: 3600g (Firm Spring)
    • Offset: 47mm Flat Crown (27.5"), 57mm Drop Crown (29'')
    • Ride Height: 582mm (27.5"), 602mm (29'')
    • Travel: 180, 190, 203mm internally adjustable
    • Spring: Coil (5 rates available)
    • Compression Damping: Absolute Plus (ABS+)
    • Rebound Damping: Cartridge Adjustable TPC
    • Adjustments: LS Compression, Rebound, Spring Preload, Spring Rate
    • Steerer: 1-1/8" Straight
    • Crown: Forged
    • Leg Diameter: 37mm
    • Leg Material: 6000 Series Aluminum
    • Brake Post Mount: 203mm (223 Max)
    • Axle: 110mm x 20mm BOOST Thru Axle
    • Max Tire Size: 67mm
    • Extras: Threaded TSR
    • Options: Fender
    • E-Pac: Yes
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    • Very beautiful design and very useful fork
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