MAGURA MT5e disc brake

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    The number one upgrade for e-bikes and speed pedelecs is targeting the booming market for e-bikes and speed pedelecs, which have power assistance up to 45 km/h, with the new MT5e.

    Demanding All-Mountain and Enduro mountain bikers have already been convinced by the benefits, and these are just as important in traffic: the lightweight brake lever housing, made from MAGURA-exclusive Carbotecture material, offers superb ergonomics when combined with the special pedelec brake lever in die-cast aluminium. The ultra-rigid four-piston brake calliper, with easy brake pad replacement thanks to magnetiXchange pistons, provides superior braking power in any conceivable riding situation. And the legendary MAGURA Royal Blood fluid is not just more environmentally friendly than the DOT brake fluids used by many competitors, it also guarantees long-term low maintenance and therefore low cost of ownership.

    MAGURA have come up with a groundbreaking new solution for the MT5e: a mechanical switch located right inside the brake lever. It activates the brake light even before the brakes actually bite, and this will also be useful for power assist systems with a regenerative braking mode, so that it can be engaged as quickly as possible. And should a crash occur, exchanging the unit is much cheaper than with our competitors, because the switch is located within the brake lever housing.”

    The MT5e also uses the new Storm HC brake rotors. Compared to the previous Storm models these have even higher stability under load and greater mechanical strength. The new friction surface geometry of the brake discs, which are still 2 mm thick and available from 160 to 203 mm in diameter, provides optimum wear and noise performance.

    The MAGURA MT5e is also factory-fitted to numerous e-bikes and speed pedelecs.

    • ergonomic, 3-finger, aluminium brake lever
    • Carbotecture housing & handlebar clamp
    • adjustable lever reach All-in-one,
    • 4-piston brake calliper with banjo
    • magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement
    • weight only 380 g
    • Compatible with all MAGURA HC and Storm SL discs

    "HIGO-Opener" und " HIGO-closer" refer to the current circuit - one "opens" and the other one closes the circuit. Please contact your engine manufacturer for further information.
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    • including accessories
    • WITHOUT rotor
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