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  • The new HS33 R - Rising an challenge!

    The HS33 R is the newest hydraulic safety rim brake in radial design in a portfolio of test-winning products. With its high braking power, reduced weight and perfect ergonomics, it makes an ideal partner for both road and off-road – and is equally suited for traditional, city and eBikes. Well worth a demo! Made in Germany!

    • Maintenance-free braking system
    • Higher braking power (+5%)
    • Less weight (-15g)
    • Modern radial design
    • Made in Germany

    • line length: 2.000 mm
    • Weight: 480 g
    • Material brake lever: Carbotecture
    • Brake lever: 2-finger, aluminum
    • Lever width adjustment: Torx T25
    • Pad wear adjustment: TPA
    • Mounting: Cantilever EVO2
    • Color: black
    • Scope of delivery: single brake incl. manual and accessory bag
  • Rate this product

    Rate this product

    2 reviews for MAGURA HS33 R with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • The Best
      I have a carbo cyclocross based frame I built in 2016. Last year we moved and I am now running a modest electric front hub motor (250 watts) and our home is at the top of a hill with a gradient that starts off at 15 percent and then comes down to about 8 percent. I needed the boost. I am 78 and weigh in at 200 lbs. and I needed greater confidence in my brakes. Since I was running mini Vbrakes of good quality, what would be a better brake. I have now installed the Magura HS 33 on the front and it is so far superior that I know that a rear conversion to the Mag HS 33 will provide measureably more secure braking going down the bill to the intersection (what goes up must come down).
         Don Moore   
    • great
      I have an se dblocks and they are amazing i would definitely suggest these to anyone who sees these.
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