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  • Racing Zero Nite ushers in a new day for road racing performance

    Weight: 607 / 813 grams (front/rear)

    The Fulcrum Zero wheel has come to be the standard for performance in aluminum racing wheelsets for road racing and as such there was little room for improvement. However, the engineers at the Fulcrum research
    and development department are never content to leave good enough alone and their consistent drive to improve each and every product by examining even the smallest detail would not allow them to accept the
    universally respected and trusted Racing Zero in its current form.

    The task of improving such a well-functioning wheel was to be difficult and at no point in the development process did they want to change what was already extremely high performing and durable. The only way to maintain the advanced performance characteristics of this wheel while still maintaining its extremely reliable and sturdy construction was to further improve the capability of the Racing Zero under braking. Countless trials, tests and hours of research were put forth and in the end, RACING ZERO NITE was born as the newest solution in the Racing Zero lineage of performance aluminum wheels.

    As noted earlier, it was a clear design imperative that the performance characteristics, solid construction and overall reliability of this wheelset remain constant as efforts to lighten, stiffen or alter the construction in any way could alter what has proven to be one of the most trusted wheels ever produced. With this being said, upon first inspection it is quite obvious that the structure and design of the wheel remains mostly unaltered from its previous version apart from a noticeable change in color. This new darker complexion for the Racing Zero would be the basis of the Nite moniker which represents a completely new treatment process applied to the rim.

    This new process, Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation, serves not only to give the wheel a beautiful new aesthetic but also to improve braking performance. The Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation process both hardens the metal, increasing its resistance to wear, in addition to creating a surface that improves braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. Specifically developed for use with internally developed Fulcrum Carbon Specific red brake pads this new wheel provides an added element of versatility for those wishing to race their carbon wheels and train with aluminum. For those wishing to train and race atop the ultra-performance aluminum wheels the surefooted braking will allow them to brake later and brake more efficiently in all conditions.

    Perhaps less noticeable is the newly modified front hub which will take on a slimmer and smaller profile. This new design translates into a slight weight reduction without any hindrance of performance.
    The rear hub remains relatively unchanged from the original version as both front and rear hubs enjoy oversized flanges that contribute to torsional stiffness and greater power transfer as well as carbon
    construction to aid in weight savings. Efficiency is also guaranteed thanks to the fantastic USB ceramic bearings that roll smoothly without sapping precious energy in your quest to move forward.
    Combine these performance characteristics to the tested and proven differentiated rim profiles, 26mm front and 30mm rear, in a lightweight but sturdy triple milled construction, and you have one of the most race ready wheels available. Available in both Shimano Inc and Campagnolo freehub bodies the Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite will be available in the finest cycling shops worldwide soon.
    For those who have come to love the classic Fulcrum Racing Zero there is reason for celebration as the original wheel will carry over and continue to be available. The same Fulcrum Racing Zero product whose performance has made it a superstar in the aluminum racing wheel category will be included in the 2015 model year at an even more accessible price point.
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