Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon H40 wheelset disc 6-hole Shimano 11-speed QR15/X12

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33799 / 8055349738574 / R4-16DFRC52 / 2016
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  • Fulcrum is dedicated to producing wheels that put you in a position to go as fast as your engine permits. The notion of #fulcrumfast was not intended to apply only to those that have team cars following them or professional contracts but also to those of us with the same performance expectations despite a more modest budget. It is with this concept in mind that the newest #fulcrumfast family, the Racing Quattro collection, was designed.

    The Racing Quattro Collection is comprised of three wheels; Racing Quattro LG, Racing Quattro Carbon and Racing Quattro Carbon Disc. The aim of this collection is to bring forth a significant performance standard to a wider audience no matter which platform (disc or caliper) or material (carbon or aluminium) they choose. Basically; #fulcrumfast for all users, in all conditions, in any format.

    The foundation of the Racing Quattro name derives from the Italian word for four or “Quattro” which represents the very versatile rim profile of 40mm. The common denominator throughout the line-up of Racing Quattro wheels comes in the form of this “do-it-all” rim profile that offers both aerodynamic advantages as well as a low rotational mass. With such a combination the 40mm rim is equally at home on both climbs as well as leading the pack on the flats. It is the one perfect solution for those riding on varied terrain or simply those who want one wheelset that can upgrade their performance on any and all scenarios they may encounter during their time in the saddle.

    In an effort to increase the performance aspect of the Racing Quattro even further not only has rim heigth been optimized but also the rim width and design has been constructed in such a way to make the three wheels in this new family even more race-ready. To increase lateral and torsional stiffness with respect to previous models the 2016 Racing Quattro family will come in a 17C (24mm out width) format. The new width also permits a perfect interface for 25 mm tires, offering the perfect balance between increased grip and low rolling resistance. This new tire interface offers additional advantages as the wider stance of both the tire and rim create a more streamlined unit that gives an aerodynamic benefit over the 15C rim and 23 or 25mm tire combination.

    All of this technology is spread across the line of the Racing Quattro family which is comprised of three distinct wheelsets:

    The Racing Quattro LG represents the family’s aluminum version and despite its wider stance of 17C (24mm external) the Fulcrum engineers were able to produce a complete wheel that comes in at the exact same weight as the previous model. Increased stiffness, reactivity and greater stability along with a wider stance and housing for larger tires all with no weight penalty make this aluminum wheel perfect for long days in the saddle.

    The Racing Quattro Carbon, on the other hand, incorporates an extremely advanced carbon fiber rim with technology deriving from wheels that come at a much higher price point. The carbon fiber rim allows for less rotational weight and thus increased reactivity in addition to an overall lower weight. Quicker accelerations on both the flats as well as on inclines and less weight to drag up the longer climbs that challenge every rider eventually. Working with carbon fiber allowed the engineers at Fulcrum to develop an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and allows the athlete to use his energy to propel himself in front of the competition as opposed to fighting against air resistance.

    While all three models in this family are designed to accelerate and travel #fulcrumfast they were all three designed to stop on a dime as well. Excellent braking performance was a fundamental design element in each and every model. The RACING QUATTRO LG, with its aluminium braking surface and internally developed Fulcrum brake pads specifically formulated for aluminum, allows for very competitive stopping power. The Racing Quattro Carbon however takes advantage of technology developed for the World Tour athletes that has trickled down upon its braking surface in the form of the 3Diamant treatment which renders its stopping power closer to that of aluminum that that of carbon. All the benefits of a carbon rim with the safety and stopping power of the aluminium rim.

    With the ever growing trend towards disc brakes for both road and cross the Fulcrum Racing Quattro family sees an additional model that is perfectly compatible. The Racing Quattro Carbon DB comes also in a disc brake format and thanks to its multiple adapters it is compatible with any style fork or axle. Available in either AFS or 6-bolt hub standard, the Racing Quattro Carbon Disc Brake is a well-rounded versatile and race-ready wheelset, perfect for upgrading your ride no matter what standard you choose.

    The 3 new Racing Quattro wheelsets; Racing Quattro LG, Racing Quattro Carbon and Racing Quattro Carbon Disc Brake …#fulcrumfast for everyone.
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