Cyclus WERA ratcheting combination wrench

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  • The ratchet wrenches have different widths SW 8, SW 10, SW 13, SW 15, SW 17. The individual wrenches are marked with colour rings (pink, yellow, white, red) for better differentiation. The respective keys have a special holding function. This allows you to guide nuts and bolts directly and safely to the place of use. There the thread can be threaded quickly and securely. A falling of the screw or nut can be effectively avoided. There is no need for time-consuming searching. The integrated end stop prevents the screw head from slipping downwards. This allows much more force to be applied at the same time.
    The clever double hexagonal geometry of the open-end wrench makes the connection with screw or nut form-fit - that fits. And the replaceable, hardened metal plate in the jaw of the wrench bites its way into the screw with extremely hard tips. Both prevent unpleasant slipping even at high torques. And thanks to the 30° return angle, instead of the usual 60°, nuts and screws can be mounted quickly and securely in the tightest of spaces without turning the key.
    The ratchet wrench, on the other hand, can solve screwdriving tasks at high speed and with high precision in almost every conceivable situation due to the high fine toothing with 80 teeth.

    • "take is easy" colour coding to quickly "find" the right key size
    • special holding function for guiding nuts and bolts
    • End stop prevents slipping off the screw head
    • The double hexagonal geometry and hardened metal plate prevent slipping even at high torques.
    • the 30° return angle makes the time-consuming turning of the key superfluous
    • high fine toothing on the ring spanner with 80 teeth ensures fast and precise work

    • Coding of the colours
    • ratchet wrench with SW 8 mm pink colour ring
    • Combination ratchet wrench with SW 10 mm yellow colour ring
    • ratchet wrench with SW 13 mm green coloured ring
    • Combination ratchet wrench with SW 15 mm white colour ring
    • Combination ratchet wrench with SW 17 mm red coloured ring
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