Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tubeless folding tire

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  • Grand Prix 5000 Tubeless - The new era in cycling

    The best allrounder in the field, brought to a whole new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortable and with increased puncture protection. Made to make you better. The Tubeless option of the regular Grand Prix 5000 model.

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    10162928-622700 X 28CVectran Breakerblack/black Skin foldable29.02.803454,5-6,5
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    The user-optimized Tubeless System
    The TL technology is specifically designed to offer Tubeless for road cycling demands. Easy to install and reliable in use.

    Tubeless Bead
    Specifically developed the Tubeless bead seals through its unique shape and provides stable fitting on the rim.

    We recommend the usage of corresponding TL-Sealant.

    Active Comfort Technology
    The revolutionary approach in cycling. Embedded in the tire construction the Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations and smoothens your ride.

    Lazer Grip
    Lazer Grip, to make you one with the road. The lazered micro profile structure expands over the tire’s shoulder and provides outstanding cornering.

    BlackChili Compound - It’s all about how you mix it

    The crucial balance. The rolling properties of the rubber compound of a tyre are primarily determined by three interacting factors – stiction [grip], rolling resistance and mileage [longevity] . The dilemma: If you improve any of these factors it can have a detrimental effect on at least one of the others. A tyre with maximum grip wears quicker and rolls more slowly. If you then make a tyre roll faster and more durable, grip, in turn, is reduced.

    With our BlackChili Compound, a tread compound which is always based on the latest knowledge of polymers and raw material research, we have supplied the cycling industry with an enduring solution. Depending on the application of a tyre, we adjust the compound formulation for the specific discipline – for road or mountain biking, time trialling or downhill racing.

    How does that work? For BlackChili, we refine special synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber to high-performance tread mixtures. To these mixtures we then add soot particles, which in turn are optimised in shape and surface properties. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound are produced exclusively in our German Korbach plant.

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    Rate this product

    2 reviews for Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tubeless folding tire with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • Fantastic service to the US by Starbike! These 5000 TL tires are the fastest tubeless tires that I have ridden and look like they will be my new favorite.

    • Switching from the 4000's to these was like night & day. Great feel, speed AND comfort.
         Ian Dennis   
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