• Conditiones générales de vente
    de GypzyBikz GmbH, Hechtsberg 22, 77756 Hausach / Allemagne
    représenté son directeur Martin Stuber

    • Généralités

      Ces conditions générales de vente et toute relation légale entre nous et le client sont soumises à la loi de la République Fédérale d'Allemagne.

    • 2. Informations concernant les droits de l'acheteur de révoquer le contrat de vente

      Droit de révocation

      Vous pouvez révoquer votre acceptation du contrat de vente sous une période de deux semaines par écrit (lettre, e-mail, fax) sans donner de raison ou en renvoyant les produits. La révocation commence à la première réception d'une de ces instructions. L'expédition opportune de la révocation ou des produits doit être estimé suffisamment en conformité avec les termes de la révocation. La révocation doit être adressée à:

      Conséquences de la révocation

      In the event of effective revocation, the services received by either party must be returned and any interest that may have been accrued shall be released. Should you be partially or wholly unable to return the received goods, or are only able to do so in a deteriorated condition, you must provide compensation, accordingly to the extent of the deterioration. If the deterioration is entirely attributable to the inspection of the goods, as it would've been possible for you in for instance a retail outlet, this does not apply. The duty to provide compensation can also be avoided by not making proprietary use of the goods and refraining from any action which may impair their value.

    • Returning goods/Claiming the right of withdrawal

      You may return goods within 14 days after the receive of the delivery (the delivery time is confirmed via online tracking) by sending a written withdrawal (preferable an email to Please bear in mind that we are only able to accept goods which are unused and include their original packaging. We will then either exchange the item, refund the items' value or award you an never-expiring coupon code or store deposit - depending on your preference. The shipping costs for both transfers must be paid by yourself.

    • Transport damages and deliveries of flawed items

      Transport damages have to be reported to the postman immediately when receiving/accepting the parcel.
      There are basically three options how to deal with transport damages:

      - We negotiate a price for compensation with you.
      - You send the damaged item back to us and we exchange the item. We will come up for the shipping costs.
      - You send the damaged item back to us and we refund the item value. Also we will come up for the shipping costs.

      In case of the delivery of a flawed/defective item you should send us a written request including the details of the defect immediately (preferably by email to

      In case that the the problem will not be resolved by mail or correspondence, there are basically two options to deal with the problem:

      - You send the damaged item back to us and we exchange the item for a new one. We will come up for the shipping costs.
      - You send the damaged item back to us and we refund the item value. Also will come up for the shipping costs.

    • Warranty

      The legal warranty laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. In case of a warranty claim, the item must be sent back to us so that we can start interaction with the manufacturer immediately. Within this process the warranty claim will either be legitimized or not. You need to pay the shipping costs for sending the item back to us, in return we'll send the new item back to you without any further costs.