CloseTheGap HideMyBell FI computer mount with Bell for Vision Metron orange

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  • Every proper city bike has a bell, but for a lot of sportive cyclists that thing is a no-go: it looks stupid, it ruins the aerodynamics and hey, the pros don’t ring either! Sounds familiar? Then the HideMyBell is made for you. It integrates the bell discretely in an out-front handlebar mount for your bike computer.

    You don’t see it, but your fellow road users will definitely hear you coming! By the way, the HideMyBell is much more than just a bell. Our accessory line makes it possible to mount an action cam or a bike light.

    • Special Vision Metron 5D / 6D combo
    • Discrete integrated bell: loud and rattle free (weight penalty just 2 grams)
    • Lightweight: 51 grams
    • Stiff and strong adapter design (updated Juli 2019)
    • Made of Polymer (POM)
    • Made and engineered in the Netherlands
    • Patent pending
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    • Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton and Polar Adapters
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