Cane Creek eeSilk Vorbau 31.8mm +6° 20mm

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    eeSilk Stem is a fatigue-reducing compliance stem that noticeably reduces vibrations on variable surfaces. With up to 20mm of tunable compliance, an easy single bolt external elastomer change and a soft/firm compliance switch – the eeSilk Stem makes any road, no matter the terrain, smoother.

    For riders seeking the full compliance package, our elastomer damped eeSilk stem and eeSilk seatposts were designed to work in harmony. The eeSilk stem and eeSilk seatposts create a balance that enables riders to maximize performance while extending their ride.

    Up To 20mm

    Add compliance to your gravel bike by upgrading to the eeSilk Stem

    The eeSilk Stem is a compliance stem designed to add comfort and compliance on gravel and mixed-surface bikes.

    The switch enables riders to run the stem as soft as they want, with the ability to stiffen the compliance during out of the saddle riding to maximize performance.

    Unlike eeSilk and eeSilk+ seatposts, the eeSilk Stem elastomers were developed based on rider preference and varying surfaces rather than rider weight. The eeSilk Stem comes in 80mm, 90mm and 100mm options.

    Each eeSilk Stem includes 3 elastomers varying in firmness depending on stem length. Cane Creek recommends first riding the elastomer that comes installed with the stem to form a baseline. Then the rider can change to a softer or firmer elastomer based on preference for more or less compliance.

    Swapping an elastomer and testing a rider’s compliance preference has never been easier. With a single-bolt external elastomer change, no handlebar removal is required.

    • Compliance: Up to 20mm
    • Weight: 225g - 235g
    • Angle: +6° (only)
    • Stack Height: 49mm
    • Stem Clamp: 31.8mm
    • Steerer Tube Clamp: 1-1/8 in
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    • Incl. Mounting Bolts
    • Incl. Elastomer
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    disponible en 1-3 jours de semaine

    disponible en 1-3 jours de semaine

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