berk composites Lupina carbon saddle padded

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  • berk composites Lupina carbon saddle padded

    The Lupina is a full carbon road bicycle saddle. That means that saddle rails are also made from string carbon cord. The Lupina is fully handmade in Slovenia by berk composites that is bound to all EU high standards.

    Product Details

    • Weight 132mm: ca. 99g
    • Weight 150mm: ca. 104g
    • Width: 132mm/150mm
    • Finish: black leather
    • Max. rider weight: 100kg
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    • Peio 07.06.2019
      Light and beautiful saddle
      Very beautiful saddle! Very light! And it fit very well for me. The shape is great. I have done long ride with it, 5 hours. And comfort was OK. Maybe I will not ride it for 6 plus hours ride.
      Definitely a good saddle for weight weenies!

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