absoluteBLACK chaîne guide top 26T-34T for S3/E-type

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  • absoluteBLACK chain guide top 26T-34T for S3/E-type

    Absoluteblack revolutionary OVAL GUIDE chainguide is here. This is the only chainguide on the market that is designed specifically for Oval chainrings, keeping your chain secure at every single crank position. OVAL GUIDE has unique adjustable chainline from 48-53mm making it compatible with every single bike setup. Weighs virtually nothing*

    • Size (Mass +/-1g):17.0g including ALL TITANIUM hardware
    • Fits to: SRAM S3 and Shimano E-type and E2. The mounting points must be attached to the main frame
    • Compatibility: Any 1x10, 1x11 or 1x12 drivetrain with AB oval or round chainring
    • Chainline: 48-53mm (Boost compatible) by every 0.5mm using 4 spacers (included)
    • Capacity: 26-34T Oval or 28-36T Round
    • Material: Backplate: 7075 aluminium, Cage: GF + PA66 polymer composite, Bolts: Titanium Torx T25

    Why do we offer a Chainguide?

    While our oval chainrings, with Absoluteblack’s own patent pending narrow/wide teeth profiles, don't require any chain retention to keep the chain firmly in its correct position, there are still riders who feel safer with some form of backup and extra insurance that their chain will remain securely located. If you ride in demanding terrain, love rock gardens and jumps, or simply want to feel extra safe, our new OVAL GUIDE is for you. It's extremely light, small and easy to mount. It's designed to guarantee chain retention, but at the same time made to be almost invisible.
    Fully compatible with Oval chainrings

    Absoluteblack Oval Guide is the Only chainguide on the market that is designed specifically for Oval chainrings. Extremely light and versatile, the Oval Guide chain guide secures the chain movement at every single crank position. The Oval Guide is also the lightest product of its kind on the market.
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