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Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 tubular tire

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  • Corsa - Competition Race
    The Corsa has been the race-day choice of pros for years, and is now better than ever with 4C Graphene compound technology! The latest Corsa is an evolution of the brand, and brings multiple industry-first technologies to market. Starting with our supple yet durable 320 TPI Corespun-K reinforced casing, and adding a proprietary mix of 4 different Graphene compounds, the new Corsa achieves the highest performance: speed, suppleness, durability, and reliability. Whether winning a Grand Tour, or a local crit, the Corsa family delivers world class performance.

    • Tire choice of professional riders in the peloton. Winner of Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España, Classics, World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Games.
    • Premium cotton casing conforms closer to the road’s surface, providing a smoother ride, easier rolling, and better grip.
    • Functionalized GRAPHENE 2.0 compound allows for higher speed.
    • 4 compounds in the tread (4C) for increased wear life, lower resistance and improved grip on the sides.

    Graphene 2.0
    Unlike the first-generation graphene, the new 2.0 graphene is functionalized to enhance specific tire performances. In other words, where the first generation of graphene compounds raised the bar evenly, Graphene 2.0 pin-points each performance metric, and increases it disproportionally to the rest. Vittoria is now able to apply Graphene in such a way that it can achieve a performance boost specifically for speed, wet grip, durability and puncture resistance.

    Vittoria 4C Compound
    Vittoria 4C compound layering technology features separate base and surface compounds, in both the center and the side areas of the tread. This approach allows to fine-tune the flex of the tread-base and tread-surface separately, placing the correct hardness of the Graphene 2.0 compound exactly where it is needed for maximum cornering, climbing, rolling, and braking performance. In addition, durability and puncture protection are also improved, as the robust base compound resists punctures, and provides a stable base for deeper mountain bike treads.

    Corespun K 320 TPI
    It has a mixture of aramid threads for casings where strength is of the essence. This is the casing used in Corsa and Corsa Control tyres.

    SizeWidthETRTOTire BuildMaterialColorWeightArt. Cod.
    65023c23-571Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall225g11A.00.088
    70023c23-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black275g11A.00.097
    70023c23-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall275g11A.00.098
    70023c23-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black245g11A.00.089
    70023c23-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall245g11A.00.090
    70025c25-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black290g11A.00.099
    70025c25-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall290g11A.00.100
    70025c25-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black255g11A.00.091
    70025c25-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall255g11A.00.092
    70025c25-622TLRCorespun 320 TPIFull Black290g11A.00.093
    70028c28-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black360g11A.00.101
    70028c28-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall360g11A.00.102
    70028c28-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black270g11A.00.094
    70028c28-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall270g11A.00.095
    70028c28-622TLRCorespun 320 TPIFull Black310g11A.00.096
    70030c30-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black375g11A.00.255
    70030c30-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall375g11A.00.256
    70030c30-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIFull Black285g11A.00.220
    70030c30-622Foldable beadCorespun K 320 TPIPara Sidewall285g11A.00.219
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    • 1x Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 Tire
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