Veloflex Record 28' 23-622 (700x23c) open tubular tire

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    Record open tubulars are what you need to set a new record with your bicycle.

    These open tubulars are designed specifically for individual time trials: after Record 28", Record open tubulars ensure the greatest unrivalled sensations.

    Record open tubulars are the only open bicycle tubular tires with a 350 TPI (Thread Per Inch) casing and they weigh 145 gr.

    The full satin tread pattern ensures better grip during cornering and the lowest rolling resistance with major comfort.

    Record tubular sidewalls have a unique gum colour, which gives them a classic look, and superior raw material processed with the latest techniques.

    Like all Veloflex products, Record open bicycle tubulars are hand made in Italy with artisan processing and in limited quantity.

    Technical Details

    • Use: Racing, Training, Track
    • Size: 700 x 23c (23 622)
    • Weight*: 145 gr. (* ± 5%)
    • TPI (Threads Per Inch): 350 (140/cm)
    • Pressure: 9/10 bar (130/145 psi)
    • Protection Belt: Absent
    • Casing: Compressed Pes/Co corespun
    • Beads: Kevlar ** inextensible yarn
    • Rubber tread: Natural rubber exclusive compound
    • Mileage: Front 2.000 km Rear 1.000 km
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    Factory number:R70
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